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Internet Marketing Tools by Mr. Ploppy

In honor of Mr. Ploppy I have created a page archiving his internet marketing tool lists. If you have any tools you would like to see reviewed or a type of tool list you’d like to see added, please drop me a line. Please see below the list if you’d like to hear the saga of Mr. Ploppy.

Compiled List of Internet Marketing Tools by Mr. Ploppy

This is the story of the one named Mr. Ploppy
Mr. Ploppy was the creation of a WMW member (if it was you, please let me know so I can credit you properly). It was a kinda causeless casual comical contextual comment of a member chidin’ a newb who was confused…curious questiong of the 70th sandbox question for the week…this is shortly past the time of what I like to call the “age filter realization period” . It was un-necessary and juvenile comment, and it went something like this:

Google command to see if you’re out of the sandbox:
mrploppy sez : *

When other people chimed into the thread with other unnecessary rude jabber, it got axed, never to be seen again.

Edited. Done. Funny. Chuckle. You’re right, it really doesn’t take much to get a laugh out of an internet marketer on a Thursday afternoon when they’ve worked 50 hours already for the week, and did things like search for PDF conversion software for hours on end.

An Adwords campaign taught me that Google doesn’t like inside jokes. I had just wanted to get the attention of mods, and see how many impressions it’d get, and see if I could get another cheap chuckle. Gotta love them nickle clicks. heh.

It turned into a tool list. Ploppy – friend, alter-alter-ego (stuntdubl being alter-ego uno) or fearless sandbox crusader…not sure which one categorizes ploppy best, but he now serves his purpose of being a juvenile shameless publicity stunt. I was thinking today about how to add link serf and marketing man into his cast of characters to mooch more optimal anchor text links. I wish I could do animation. Tools are fun. If only I could create a super villian to make life more interesting (any suggestions?). Thank you for witnessing my delusional late-night foray into nonsenseland. I think it could be from extended periods of exposure to conflicting SEO BS.