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SEO and Internet Marketing Training

Along with GoodROI, SugarRae, Graywolf, and Ewhisper – We’ll be offering a unique two day training session May 17th and 18th for $2999 in Manhattan, NY

Here’s the top 10 reasons you should attend.


    1. 1. want to learn how to become a better SEO

    2. Want to learn what the heck a link ninja is, and how to become one (or at least keep one from slicing and dicing your site)
    3. Have PPC campaigns that are a mess, and much less than optimal.
    4. Can’t understand what the hype about search rankings is all about.
    5. Have been scrambling after the same 3 word phrase for more than a year
    6. Want to ask me why I’m a consultant if I know so much about search:)
    7. Feel like you’re not getting GOOD ROI on your internet marketing investments
    8. Want to think laterally, and see SEO as a thought process, and understand SEO beyond just title tags, content, and links
    9. Are trying to budget for your online advertising, and where it would be best spent.
    10. Don’t want to be pitched by someone just trying to get your business.

Find out more about the SEO Class

This should be a top notch seminar with some hands on time with people who spend nearly every day “in the trenches” of the search results, formulating valid theories and strategies that have proven successful over time. The members of the group have all done both consulting, and their own online projects, but are mainly solo shops that don’t have the desire to pitch for client work. This gives us the ability to be about as non-biased as possible, to give straight-shooting answers to your most pressing search engine marketing and social media optimization questions.

Come check us out, it should be a great SEO Class