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Search Engine Marketing – SEM/SEO Jobs – Are You Job Hunting?

If you are looking for a job in the search marketing industry – please send me your resume and/or your story (I’m guessing you should have SOMETHING online). I PROMISE I won’t tell your boss you’re looking for a sweeter deal. I am blown away daily by the amount of amazing jobs available in the SEM space. With just a couple years experience, and demonstration that you understand the diverse skillset and thought process, there are some incredible opportunities. Just one day last wek – I was told of three pretty incredible job openings requiring experience of only two to five years. These were cherry jobs that two or three years ago I would have likely jumped on in a heartbeat. I’ve seen jobs from the ground floor up to VP level. No matter what your experience is – drop me a line, and I’ll let you know if I find a match for you. Only requirement is that you’ve read through at least half of my best posts (okay, that’s not really a requirement, but it would demonstrate SOME understanding).

Chances are – I’m not going to hire you. I may not even respond for a while – but if I see a good fit for you – I WILL tell you. I just like doing favors, and I’ve seen far too many great opportunities lately to not want to try to help out.

This is an open invitation to send me your resumes/CV’s and the type of job you’d like to do – I won’t tell your existing employer – but I MAY have some great offers for you. If you have even a THOUGHT of looking for a job – let me know. I’ll file them until I find something that fits.