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Trusted Service Providers

Thanks to Rand for his original idea of creating a list of recommended and trusted providers. These are some good folks that I’ve gotten to know over the years. Many of the same, and a few additional.

Pay Per Click

Jim GilbertPostition Concepts – My go to guy for most all PPC work, and questions.

Brad Geddes – If you have very high end questions, or enterprise level needs, Brad’s the one guy that I’ve never seen miss a PPC answer, and often teaches the engines themselves the correct ways to accomplish things.

Shimon Sandler has created a heckuva blog about PPC, and keeps highly informed on the important aspects of PPC.

Adam Glazer and company at Glazer Enterprises are top notch PPC folks that know the other aspects of internet marketing well also. Located in NYC, Adam is a great choice for folks that need guidance or management on their paid search campaigns.

Link Buying

Link Building

WeBuildPagesJim Boykin is probably the top link monger that I know. He’s got a team of link ninjas trained to fight sniff out links in the deepest corners of the web.

Andy Hagans – ranks tops for “link building” -do you really need any more testimonial that he knows what he’s doing?

SEO Consultants

Aaron Wall literally wrote the book on SEO. One of the best and brightest on all things SEO.

“Sugar” Rae Hoffman – Rae made a name in some high competition industries – be prepared to listen up to what she has to say.

Greg Niland aka GoodROI – I wouldn’t doubt him living up to his name with your SEO campaign.

CK Chung of Webosis – as of 9/07 CK is fairly new to the solo seo consulting game. Hurry up and get signed up with him while he is still reasonable and has some availability. CK is a top notch seo that has gone by the alter ego of kid disco for many years on forums. I don’t imagine his rates will be getting cheaper the longer you wait.

Jason Hendricks of Tidal Wave Media is a very well versed SEO consultant that often flies under the radar. Get him on your team before he’s in hot demand worldwide.

Brendon aka TallTroll was among the original elite members of the world of SEO, and has lingered in many a smokey pub to philosophize with some of the best minds in search optimization.

Ben Pfeiffer aka Phoenix is as sharp as they come with his SEO knowledge. You can’t go wrong hiring him for assistance on your SEO.

I give you about 1 in 10,000 chance of hiring Brian Provost at ScoreBoard Media. Read his site anyhow you’ll laugh from the humor, and stay for the knowledge.

Full Service SEO

WebGuerilla, LLC
– If you haven’t heard of the man, you probably can’t hire them. If you’re in a high competitive space – you need them. Top shelf performance based SEO from Greg, Dax, Adam, and crew.

Range Online Media – the employer of Todd “oilman” Freisen – One of my early mentors to the world of SEO.

Epiar – Ken Jurina and his brilliant staff has some amazing search optimization tools – if you hire them, and spend lots of money – tell them you came from my site so perhaps one day I can get some access.

Full Service SEM (PPC & SEO)

Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz is probably the hardest working guy in the business. You probably shouldn’t hire him, because I’m sure he could use more sleep. There are few better if you can convince him to take your work.

ACSEO – Neil, Cameron O., and Hiten are some of the sharpest guys I know with their finger on the pulse of web 2.0. Also the brains behind the very brilliant CrazyEgg

TopRankResults – If you can manage to convince Lee Odden that he should hire YOU as a client, then you’ll be better off – have your pitch ready before you ask for some of his time – Top notch at both public relations, blog optimization, SEO, and much more.

Avenue A Razorfish – Any company smart enough to pick up Chris Boggs and Sean Stahlman has got somethin’ goin’ in my book.

Web Design and Development

Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick blogs waaaay too much, but luckily he has a fantastic staff to do all the development work for his company. Barry has built a reputation for a company providing top notch development.

Jeremy Lounds at DynamiteWeb is a very talented designer and developer with several dozen sites under his belt, and very reasonable pricing.

Jon Leland’s ComBridges – His company also includes Flash designers, database developers & more . He’s a “marketing guy” that “gets” SEO!

Affiliate Marketing

My personal favorite for setting up quick and easy affiliate programs. VERY reasonable rates for affiliate program setup.

iDevAffiliate is a nice package for startup guys looking to run their own scripts. If you’ve got some gumption, this is the way to go for you.

Alternative Traffic, Viral Marketing and Other

Justilien Gaspard – One of the world’s best linkers, that can market for links as well.

Analytics and Tracking

Clicktracks – Above and beyond my favorite analytics provider. I couldn’t say enough good things. Try it because I said so – Keep it for the usability – Love it for the knowledge.

Web Hosting

I really dislike making hosting recommendations – but some of the places I host with:

I generally use 1and1 or moniker as my registars.