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Link Baiting Service – Viral Marketing on Social Networks

Contact me to order linkbaiting services – or ask additional questions.

What is Link Baiting?

Simply put – viral marketing for exposure and links. Creating an idea (in this case an article) that can be used to expose your website to a large group of people to pick up a some extra links, subscribers, customers, and the branding as a bonus prize. Don’t let your ad agency charge you three to ten times as much for something with a lower success rate. Social networks are the new public relations – only for most of us it’s not about the exposure (it’s still good) – but we want the LINKS.

How Much?

The cost of the linkbaiting service is US $5,000 – This price will be available for 30 days starting October 1st- as improvements are made to the service, the price will rise. Since the process is fairly labor intensive, and it is not a “cookie cutter” service – I will only be accepting 3 – 4 clients initially. Anyone who has begged for links knows the value of them – and picking up a handful of quality links without having to ask is what gives this service the likelihood of high ROI.The price is US $6,000 – I’ll likely do 3 in the next month and a half.

What You Get in a Linkbaiting Package

You will receive an article to place on your site that will be promoted through social networks, with the hopes of gaining a high level of exposure as well as potentially links from other sites. I will work with you to optimize the page on your site to maximize the benefit of the bait. We will work together to get you exposure on over 5 of the major social networks – getting you the initial nudge you need to build the force for a successful viral campaign.


Just as with SEO – there is a risk of campaigns not working as well as we hope – the goal is to garner some links – though sometimes you may just get some exposure from traffic.

Does Your Website Need a Viral Push?

Does your site have a unique service or product that will retain users, customers or subscribers if only you got a viral marketing bump? If you got exposure social networks do you think people would pick up on it and give you links? I’ll help by getting you the initial bump that you need to get that exposure and maximizing the likely success of it.

Examples of Linkbaiting

For specific examples – please contact me