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Stephen Colbert – Greatest Living American

Probably the coolest thing I heard at SES NYC was Jonah Stein’s story of informing the folks at the Colbert Nation that Stephen could be the Greatest Living American according to Google. Jonah is truly the most patriotic SEO for doing this service to his […]

Google Custom Search for Search Engine Marketing Sites

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now, but Lee’s fantastic list of sites made it all the easier. I thought it’d be useful for research for posts and such to have a custom search based on those SEO sites. You can […]

Favorite SEO/SEM Posts of 2006

This probably isn’t a great idea since I didn’t spend NEAR enough time researching it, and I KNOW I am only scratching the surface – so I am relying on your help for this one in helping build a compilation of favorite SEO/SEM posts of […]

British Matt’s Greatest Hits

Okay – actually, I’m just helping Dave experiment, but it seemed like a good time to run through Matt’s site, and round up some of what I thought were among his best posts. Custom search Fall weather forecast Competition in search Googlebot fetching Info on […]

Rand Cracked the Google Algorithm

Rand has a post on the Google algo that’s beautiful in it’s brevity. Don’t miss this one. In fact, print it out and memorize it, and cater all your decisions around it, and you will understand SEO as more than just a process. Rand has […]

18 Questions Your CEO Forgot to Ask When Building Your Website

Why are you always retrofitting and re-optimizing? Your CEO (or other decision maker) didn’t ask the right questions. You need to know how to build and promote a website from the ground up to be successful. Picture your perfect web presence. Visualize web 2.0 Zen. […]

What is Federated Search?

I’m sitting in the ASIDIC conference, and trying to take this all in. So far it is truly fascinating to me to dive full force into such a new space. One of the terms that is very precious to this industry is “federated search”. It […]

Make Yourself Smarter: Your Laptop as a Transactive Memory System Tool

Ever since I’ve heard the flashy million dollar college term: “transactive memory system”, which I first read in The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell, I’ve been fascinated by the concept. My interpretation of a transactive memory system (TMS) is something that is used to retain […]

How Do People Search: How Learning to Search Better Made Me a Better SEO

There are lots of ways you can learn to be a better searcher. I probably perform, at minimum, several dozen searches in a given day. Sometimes hundreds. There are two common reactions to not getting the results that I want: I use a more specific […]

Peek Into Google Algo Part II – I Was Way Wrong

My first post on the Google cache error was pretty much a quick rundown of what I thought was possible that the error message revealed about the Google algo. Well, after reviewing the error further, I was pretty much completely wrong. It sounded like some […]