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A Threadwatch Best Post Revival.

When re-doing my site for the first time in 4 years – I had to get rid of a lot of 404’s.  I also found all my posts to threadwatch.  My buddy Tony Spencer mentioned doing a roundup of some of the favorites.  Enjoy your […]

Beware of Twitter Underscore Spammers Stealing Your Brand

Just wanted to do a quick post on the proliferation of twitter spam. It seems there is a group of people that are spamming twitter using people with a decent amount of followers and adding underscores before and after their names. Watch out for people […]

Reputation Management Emancipation Proclamation – 10 Ways to “Own Yourself” Online

After having a nice recent conversation with Jeff Liebert lately, I read his fantastic post in the WMW supporter’s forum about Are Businesses and People Adapting to the WWW Publicity Machine? As a brief aside, he had a note about declaring his emancipation proclamation for […]

Another Reason Search Reputation Management is Important – The “Search Engine Father In Law Syndrome”

Over the past two days, I’ve been working with a very sharp gent by the name of Andres Galdames towards earning a certification from Clicktracks analytics. I will spare the usual soapbox shouting for clicktracks and just tell you that they rock and you’re a […]

10 Reasons Diggers are like SEO’s (really – don’t digg my blog)

Neil, Cameron, and I discussed this a bit today on their new show “Rush Hour”, which will hopefully bridge a gap in the two likeminded online communities. 10 Things Diggers have in Common with SEO’s The run websites Many have blogs Willing to forego anonymity […]

Ted Leonsis Contest – Keep it Clean

Brian thought a contest for Ted Leonsis would be a good idea – and of course Michael’s always up for a bit of SEO experimenting. I think this “contest” offers a good opportunity to demonstrate the importance of rep management in a positive way. I […]

Ted Leonsis – Uber SEO – Posterboy for Reputation Management

There’s a gentleman by the name of Ted Leonsis at AOL that wanted to rank well for his own name – I’m sure he’s a decent chap – and thought I’d help out by linking to Ted Leonsis at threadwatch, and Ted Leonsis at Johnon, […]