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Mr. Ploppy’s Mondy Morning SEO Quarterback

There are so many SEO mistakes out in there in the WWW, that I figured it was worthwhile to showcase some of them to help people improve. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while when I come accross very BAD mistakes on large […]

Mr Ploppy’s Monday Tool List Volume XXXIV – Competitive Research Tools Revisted

I did some competitive tools a while back with competitive analysis and keyword tools, but I think the idea of competitive analysis is key to the natural search engine optimization space and is worth revisiting. Understanding your industry from an online perspective is critical to […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume XXXIII – Weblog Promotion Tools

There’s tremendous value in reaching out to your target audience and soliciting feedback directly. It’s shameless, perhaps, but it also shortens the cycle for communicating with your early adopter customers. So what are you waiting for? Start promoting your blog. Blog PromotionTools: Chicklet easy subscriptions […]

Mr. Ploppy returns…SEM Toolbox Part II

Mr. Ploppy returns…briefly anyhow. SEO toolbox is probably a bit more fitting, since I would guess most everyone on the panel did very little PPC work. Perhaps some PPC tools would be nice next time. Thanks to all the other great panelists. If you were […]

Mr. Ploppy on Hiatus

Okay folks, there are only so many free tools out there available. For the time being, I’m pretty much out of ideas. If you have ideas for tool lists (or would like to do a tool list) feel free to let me know. At some […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume #31 – SEO and Web Development Sales Tools

Sales can be a tough but essential part of anyone interested in freelancing or consulting. Good sales can make or break a business. There are not a lot of “online tools” for learning to sell web design and search engine marketing, but there are a lot of fantastic articles and discussions on the subject.

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume #30 – Web Traffic Analysis Tools

If you want to inspire confidence, give plenty of statistics. It does not matter that they should be accurate, or even intelligible, as long as there is enough of them. -Lewis Carroll I have listed below my favorite website analytics software packages. I must give […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Cop Out Post – Volume XXIX 1/2 – Caffeine

Editor’s note: I couldn’t hunt Mr. Ploppy down this weekend, as I was moving houses. Thanks to those who were kind enough to help with the move. Now back to shuffling crap around. Critical tool – Caffeine My favorite forms: Mountain Dew Coffee Energy Gel […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume XXIX – Project Management Tools

SEO/SEM has really become project management. While their are certainly still tips and tricks that work in the short term, the overall longterm strategy of a site and its search engine rankings is very dependant on good project management – doing the right things at […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume XXVIII – Contextual Advertising Tools

Google Adsense spawned a whole new cottage industry. Raising CTR (click through rate) and CPC (cost per click) soon became important for publishers. Making money based around creating content is not a new idea, but adsense was the first of many tools that made it […]