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Think Ahead. Think Mobile Search Marketing (Mobile SEO)

Mobile search marketing and optimization is on it’s way, and Andy and Jimmy are on top of it over at Mobile Optimizers. I don’t usually do too many shameless plugs, but I’ve been really excited to jump into the fray on mobile search marketing, and […]

The Magic Formula for Retail Website Success

Okay, the title is a hoax. You caught me. I’m a liar who likes to tell stories. There is no “magic formula for website success”. There are only best practices. As a search engine marketer (SEO/ SEM..whatever you want to call it), we are really […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume XVII – Press Release Tools

If you have a business and you have news, you need to announce it. Enter PR – public relations…or press releases…that other PR. As search engine marketing evolves towards traditional media marketing, this type of optimization will become more and more important. Understand the old […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume VII – Ploppy Goes Local – Local SE Marketing Tools

There are so many opportunities for small businesses to thrive on the web. In some instances, it gives a small company the opportunity to be a global operation, in others it just helps them to be found be potential regional customers like myself who still […]

Google Local Tab on the Homepage

Local search gets bigger by the day. Time for it to hit the mainstream…It’s now on Google’s homepage. Good spot by Chicago at Webmasterworld. Google Local Tab

Fortune Small Business – More SEO Success Stories and Search Marketing Statistics

I couldn’t find a date on this article, but thought it was another great testament to how important SEO is. It contains some great statistics on search engine marketing, and a few SEO success stories. Good read. Fortune Small Business – Small Business – Get […]

Jeeves Gets Personal – A9 – Personalization, Localization, and Specialization

The three words you will be hearing for the next 5 years from the search engines are: personlization, localization, and specialization. Most of the majors have taken their stab at localization, and personalization seems to be next on the list. Specialization is certain to follow […]