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Friday Favorites 7/13/07

Danny launches Sphinn – cool new social app for SEM/SEO’s – More links below Tamar has an awesome list of Digg api tools Shimon has some cool ideas on rep management Everett has some ideas ideas about using affiliate marketing for reputation management The SEO […]

Friday Favorites 7/06/07

The DNSscoop domain value tool is pretty cool – found via Dotsauce. Danny on Domaining More links below Signup for the DomainRoundtable Domain Auction Domainers are starting to pay more attention to SEO (and vice versa) – We really should be superfriends. How to SEO […]

Friday Favorites 6/22/07

Yes – I realize it’s monday, but hey – it’s summer and I like to relax a bit. I’ve missed the last few weeks, so I thought I’d get this up here now. Scott gives some great warning signs for your web project Presidential search […]

Friday Favorites 6/1/07

Bill Slawski is a genius, and he takes a lot of time to write great stuff (mainly derived from actual patents) like these on user query intent, personalized re-rankings, large scale machine learning, historical data followup, and mindmapping for keyword development. Fantastic stuff. More links […]

Friday Favorites 5/25/07

Got a chance to have some beers with Neil and Cameron monday night – brilliant down to earth guys, and they’re rockstars for a reason, checkout some of the recent brilliance from Pronet – A petition for a transparent digg, as well as an article […]

Friday Favorites 5/18/07

Andy tells us why the world should love SEO’s, and about the lies domainers tell themselves – more links below Brian P. talks about internet marketing opportunity and scalability and the new internet superfriends Brian C. wonders if your metaphors rock Dave has a 3 […]

Friday Favorites 5/11/07

An amazing roundup of web analytics solutions from Stone Temple consulting – can’t wait to see the final version. *more links below Neil has a new site about how to do shameless self promotion – Brian tells us how to be a master of […]

Friday Favorites 5/4/07

The Prequel to the SEO Playbook Natural vs. unnatural patterns with Digg, 10 tips for content creation, and What the Cluetrain means to your business – checkout more links below Warren Buffet SEO advice, and the Austin Powers guide to websites – what it really […]

Friday Favorites 4/20/07

Are SEO’s early adopters – or just plain the pornographers of the web? – read more favorites below. Counterpoint to paid linking fud – from graywolf at seoclass, on his site, scoreboardmedia, aaron, and threadwatch. Aaron’s power of observation astounds me sometimes – How global […]

Friday Favorites 3/30/07

I missed last week while we put on the SEO Class, which went very well. We had a nice turnout of non-profit organizations, and were able to cover some excellent material that should help with driving more targeted, relevant traffic to their sites. Plenty of […]