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7 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Failed (and how to fix it!)

Don’t be a failure at your social media marketing. Your message and how you distribute it is very important to your brand and future success. You’ve got on the cluetrain, and decided it’s time to start embracing social media as an important part of your […]

It’s Deductible – Rap Video to Remind You Tax Season is Coming Up.

A buddy of mine (and fellow seo’r) Dan, aka Danny Funk has had me cracking up, and singing the hook of his great entry into the turbo tax rap contest on youtube for several days now. I promise it is worth the 2:00 for this […]

Who Do You Trust? The SEO Trustbox

If I actually didn’t trust ALL of the people already starting this one, I probably wouldn’t have helped to spread this idea – but since you guys rock, and since trust of folks in the community is so damn important – I’m placing the livelihood […]

Help JP and Vanderbilt Hospital –

This is a very worthwhile cause, if you’re in the SEM community – I’m sure JP will be appreciative of some link love, and a story mention to all you bloggin’ folks out there. This will Improve the visibility of SEO Make some cool guy’s […]

Client Prequalification – Snake Oil 2.0 – Thanks to GapingVoid

I really needed some new business cards for pubcon – but I wanted something creative. I’ve always been impressed by Hugh MacLeod‘s theory of marketing – so I thought I’d take it for a spin. Hugh allows folks to use is art work so long […]

Get Paid to Review – Positive ROI for Advertisers and Publishers

I’ve really liked the idea of “Review Me” since I first heard about it. It’s kind of like “hot or not” for smarter people. It will allow immediate feedback on a variety of new ideas by paying for the valuable asset of people’s time to […]

World’s Biggest RSS Button – ReviewMe Roy and ROI

I’ve talked to Andy, and Aaron about this project extensively, and it’s definitely one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard. Get on the list for Reviewme – this one is gonna be cool. I can’t wait for it to stir the pot a bit. […]

Andy Hagans is a Master Link Baiter

I rarely do promotional posts unless I really believe in a product, and the person behind it. Andy has beat me to providing a linkbaiting service that I think will hold an enormous amount of value for subscribers. The service consists of writing an article […]

If You are Marketing to Everyone…You Can Reach No One

Pick your niche. Know your demographic. How many times have you heard it? Ten. A hundred. A thousand? Yes. It is cliche. Yes, every SEO, SEM, marketing company, ad agency, and business consultant says it. Mainly because it’s right. No one LIKES the used car […]

MSO (MySpace Optimization) – The New SEO

Okay, so now that Myspace is the #1 site in the world, I think it’s finally time to embrace the space with a full marketer’s mentality. Despite the Myspace’s title being disputed, it’s hard to argue that there is an incredibly large market with a […]