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An Interview w/ Michael Stebbins: Entrepreneurship and Learning Online Marketing

1. What traits are most important to an online marketer? Michael: Traits? You’re looking for voyeristic, cliff jumping geeks. And I’m assuming you mean personal traits that are essential to being a successful online marketer. First I like to see a fascination with human behavior […]

Building a Website You Can Sell in 2013

General thoughts on website appraisal; TLDR version Rule #1 – You can’t sell potential.  Take the word out of your vocabulary.  Cringe when you hear it from others. Selling a website: Selling a website is tough.  Most people can’t even understand how a website works, […]

Interview with Patrick Gavin – Web Business Valuation and Brand Signals

Todd: 1.     How is SEO important to an online business? Patrick: I think it’s paramount for an online business.  I personally believe paid search is a very tough strategy for most small and mid sized businesses leaving organic search traffic as a huge part of the […]

A Shift to Online Business Management Consulting – Thoughts on Rebranding in 2010

I haven’t spent a lot of 2009 posting for my little marketing blog, and I miss taking the time to sit down and write about what I’m learning. 2009 has been a whirlwind of projects outside the scope of just SEO, and I’ve realized that […]

16 Things I’ve Learned About Business while Being an SEO Consultant

1. Pay extra for premium domains (if you develop them) If you can’t find and buy a good aftermarket domain and get creative – you need some marketing classes 2. Don’t skimp on hosting Such a painful expensive lesson to learn. 3. Respect contractors, but […]

Breaking Up with Bad Clients: It’s Not You…It’s Me.

As any type of company or consultant, the WRONG clients can destroy your success. It is often very tempting to keep clients, since the money seems nice, but when you drill down to the nitty gritty, they are often not very profitable at best, and […]

Negotiations and Client Sales for SEO Consultants

I asked Calum Coburn, who is an expert in negotiation training and business leadership to do a piece for the site on helping SEO consultants to be better at sales and negotiation. After all, we are naturally GEEKS, and generally only forced into sales by […]

16 Tips to Successful Business on the Web

These just popped to mind – and thought it’d make a good post. Most success on the web is not technical driven – it is still people driven. Here’s some rules I try to live by: Always pay people on time (preferably immediately upon receiving […]

Now Hiring – Web Developer/ Operations Manager – Work Remotely

Please see below for resume submission details – if you can’t follow directions, you are automatically disqualified. I am working on some cool new projects with a few partners, and we need some help. Required skills XHTML and CSS Skills Proficiency in PHP/mySQL (ability to […]

You Wear a Suit to Work, but Let Your Nephew Design Your Website?

The title pretty much sums this one up. I’m not gonna go off on this one here, I just thought it was an interesting parallel after getting off a site that was for a large product manufacturer, had two guys with nice suits on one […]