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About Capt. Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl

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A few accomplishments first
(let’s be honest this is here so I can brag a bit):

Todd’s SEO marketing manifesto

If you’re gonna spend some time here, be sure to check out the best stuff I’ve written. I am an marketing consultant and internet entrepreneur and I love it.  I also run an offshore charter fishing boat in Miami FL.  I currently reside in Miami and have also spent over 4 years in Portrero Hill in San Francisco, CA.I was raised in Frankenmuth, Michigan, and formerly lived in Troy, NY (just outside of Albany) and also did a small stint in Manhattan.

I’ve done traffic acquisition, marketing consulting, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, ad buying, sales, business development, public speaking and project management. I’ve helped to build a few companies, including which I co-owned and sold to investors as my first successful (partially) self funded venture.

I still do consulting for a few select clients, but tend to focus more on teaching and my own website with the rare exception being my love of fishing marketing (go ahead, ask me about the last nice fish I caught).  Even if your website is not about fishing – feel free to get in touch, and I’ll gladly point you in the direction of some great people who will be the best fit for your project.  Please just don’t ask me to create a 100 microsite strategy or rewrite your .htaccess files for you in your first email :)


I spent near obsessive amounts of time on, and , as well as many of the other great internet marketing forums and sites.  I attended over 40 marketing conferences throughout the country and abroad, and spoke in person to some of the greatest marketers alive today.  I’ve met some incredible marketing minds over the years, and there input and passion has inspired me to continue to learn about this craft that is both art and science and refine my own skills and priorities.


I’ve been quoted in Inc,InfoWorldWebsite Magazine, NY Post, Revenue Magazine, and others. Feel free to drop me a line if you need some insight on an article about search, or online business and marketing.


I’m not sure when I actually got my first computer but it was definitely a TI-99. I remember playing lots of games and unknowingly programming some BASIC loops at a very young age (and my programming skills have only marginally increased since then). My uncle was a programmer at TI, so we got several great hand-me-downs.

If you want the real professional work history – My Linkedin profile is a good spot for that or you can check out the schnazzy third person bio below:)

Feel free to use any of the below for bio information:

Todd Malicoat (aka stuntdubl) has over 10 years of experience in internet marketing and 5 years experience consulting on search marketing management at an executive level.  He’s consulted and created training documentation for the Public Broadcast System (, Meredith Corporation, Thomas Industrial, Rasmussen College, Real Networks, and other large brands.  As the SEO faculty chair for, Todd leads a comprehensive online marketing curriculum with other experts in all facets of internet marketing. Todd has been an active conference speaker at Search Engine StrategiesWebmaster World PubconSearch Marketing Expo,Affiliate Summit, and other industry conferences for several years on various aspects of online media including search and social media.

Armed with the funding of a generous angel investor, Todd developed a process to find, negotiate, and purchase undervalued websites like These sites were redeveloped and further monetized using proven strategies for creating sustainable web properties with substantial appreciation in relatively short periods of time.  This proprietary process for identifying and redeveloping web properties is the foundation for Todd’s current and future ventures, and has provided returns of over 500% in a year on the above respective sites.

As a thought leader in the online business world he has been named among the top 50 Most Influential Marketer’s of 2008 and 2009 by, and Top 40 Most Influential in Search Marketing by in 2007. He has been cited by Inc. Magazine, The Sydney Herald, Website Magazine, The New York Post, Infoworld, and many other media outlets on search, reputation management, social media, and other web related issues. Todd also runs a blog that covers all areas of web traffic acquisition called – that echoes his mantra of “Getting hit by traffic…not cars.”

Todd completed a dual-bachelors degree program in Computer Information Management/Business Administration from Northwood University in the summer of ’03 after completing his thesis on Planning, Developing, and Promoting a Successful Website for Small Business, while simultaneously running a web design and consulting firm Meta4creations, LLC. Todd was an Internet marketing consultant with System And Market Services of America (SAMSA) in Saginaw, MI, and has done project management and internet marketing for several dozen small to medium size businesses and a handful of larger corporations. He was then the VP of Sales and Marketing for We Build Pages in upstate NY where he helped to double sales in under a years time, before entering full-time consultancy for the past 4 years. Todd currently offers SEO Certification at Market Motive, and consults for a select group of clients.

I went skydiving once! yea!






I love catching sailfish, swordfish, and marlin!

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I almost fell into the Grand Canyon once!


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