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3 Simple Reasons AuthorityLabs “Now Provided” Report is Awesome

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 6 years and 193 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

AuthorityLabs created a new report called “Now Provided”.  The report is simple, useful, and excellent for taking back your page level keyword data for SEO campaigns.

3 Awesome Now Provided Report Features

  1. Identifies keyword opportunities (with data to support them)
  2. Provides long tail keyword information at the page level
  3. Sortable by bounce rate to identify weak landing pages (great for panda problems)

Now Provided Report

The good folks over at Authoritylabs have come up with a solution to one of the many headaches that plague the world of SEO.  Not Provided was without question one of the biggest curveballs in the life of an SEO.  Many marketing “professionals” have been touting “ignore keywords” as a solution to this problem.  To this point, it was really about the only solution, as most of the workarounds, if any, were pretty terrible at best.

authority labs keyword opportunitiesBrian has written about how to unlock keyword opportunities, and Tori demonstrates how to authorize analytics to pull in the data.

Tracking keywords has always been a source of contention, as well as a staple of any good SEO software.  SE’s have always frowned on automated rank tracking, so it makes it a tricky tool to maintain.  Keyword level information has always been valuable, and it seems it’s becoming harder to come by these days.

The folks at AuthorityLabs have been tackling this problem head-on, and this new feature has definitely helped add them to my essential toolset for client reporting.  Identifying opportunities in the page 2-5 area is the staple of most good SEO campaigns.  I’ve said for years you really have to “choose your battles” wisely with regards the keywords that you target.

The team at AuthorityLabs has been building and improving their software, and this feature saves time and trouble in nearly any SEO campaign.   It’s mainly a combination of google analytics, SEMRush Data, and their own application interface at the page level to provide a useful report that helps to improve and consolidate your page’s content.

The report is incredibly useful and automated once it is setup.  Find and identify keywords sitting in the “sweet spots” where you can bump them up with on-page optimization and better user engagement.  You only need Google Analytics and AuthorityLabs to take back your keywords with this wonderful report.

With the example below, you can see that one of our blog posts ranks for blackfin tuna.  It’s a fishing tips article that could easily be improved to include more consolidated information about this species as well as more than tips.  We might want to add a call to action for a specialized tuna trip, or beef up the content with photos and video to achieve a longer time on site from users.

blackfin tuna fishing tripsYou can see that these phrases could be beneficial to our business goals (booking more fishing trips) with some effort on the page ranking for these terms.  This is a high value term to our business, despite it being “long tail” and low in search volume.  We can also see the similar phrases to get some ideas for content expansion.blackfin-tuna-now-provided

Take back your page level keyword data with the “Now Provided” report at AuthorityLabs.  You’ll get some wonderful (and incredibly reliable and accurate) rank tracking information along with it.

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