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Google’s Big Brand Bump Bailout

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 12 years and 116 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

big brand seo Recent logic suggests if banks aren’t good at managing money, but they’re big, we should give them more money. If a car company, doesn’t make very good cars (but they’re big), they should get more money. It looks like Google is following suit on the big brand bailout, by offering up better results to those bigger brands.

Now we’ve always known that big brands get treated a bit differently, and can embrace a bit more aggressive strategy, but now they get a “branding bump bailout”? Hardly seems fair. It seems like adwords wasn’t enough though – that big brands are now able to rank easily for their generic terms. Big brands seem to suck at search engine optimization. I guess it follows the current American way that we should give them more search traffic.

More on the Big Brand Bump Bailout:

I think the most important questions were asked by Michael Gray (of Wolf-Howl SEO) and Marty Weintraub (Aimclear Marketing) – What are the signals associated with determining brand dominance over a generic keyword? (IE – How can *I* get a big brand bump bailout too?:)

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  • Jonah Stein

    Matt has come around to confirming that certain brands were given a push in a recent update. Seems to me that the obvious answer is that signal these brands benefiting from is the the “Thumbs Up” from manual review. The hand job signal (you know, the one they used to deny exists).

    Matt’s exact words are as follows: “The short answer is that we did change some of our algorithms for some queries, but this was just one of the hundreds of changes that we make each year, so I certainly wouldn’t call it an update. The change was discussed on WebmasterWorld for days before Aaron wrote about it, but really not that many people noticed it. That’s in line with the fact that scoring changes recently tend to be more subtle and more targeted to improve specific types of queries.”

  • James

    Do you think we should be counting brand as a metric in terms of link value? I can easily find ways to get links on big brand blogs and forums that carry no PageRank or other value, but if brand can be considered a metric, then those links count for something.

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