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IM Charity Party for SMX West Announced – Need Your Help!

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 12 years and 144 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

IM Charity Party

Hey Everyone – it’s that time again, where I beg for your help (why do you hate children?!?). We’re throwing a Charity Party for SMX West which will be hosted at Yahoo! Here’s what you can do to help (if you’re willing):

  • Spread the word – Blogposts and banners would be AWESOME – twitters too! We’ve got a couple banners up at
  • Send this post to a friend or associate.
  • Come to the party! We’d love to have you there – it’s only $40, and it’s for a good cause
  • Raffle Prizes – Really – giving away a freebie helps you and us. Let us know what you can donate as a prize ASAP, and we’ll get it on the list
  • We still really need a few premium sponsors to help cover the costs – if you know someone, or your company can do it – it would be a HUGE help. It’s a great write-off, and You’ll also be gaining good will with a lot of fine marketing folks.
  • Help us with the event! If you’d like to sponsor, donate a prize, plan, or just hang banners for this event or future ones, let myself, Lauren Vaccarello, or Jon Kelly know. We’ll be happy to put you to work:)

Just an update – the group is working on 501.3c status, and raised nearly $100,000 to date! This could be just the tip of the iceberg with all the great marketing minds we have behind this.

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