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Not Just Link Ninjas…Internet Marketing Ninjas Training- Why YOU should pay the $3k for SEO SEM Training

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 13 years and 153 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Internet Marketing Ninjas - Internet Marketing Training
I’ve been procrastinating far too long on this post – and unfortunately, it’s going to come out a bit rushed. Part of the reason for that, it’s hard to justify the ROI on blogging now because I actually WORK on projects that make me money, instead of just writing about how smart I am. While I miss blogging often quite a bit sometimes (it’s really fun to write about things you enjoy), I really like making money on fun and profitable projects a whole lot more. One of the best testimonials I can give for Jim Boykin and the Internet Marketing Ninjas Program (*yes, this is an affiliate link – please see below) is that after studying with him in the Ninja dojo in Troy, NY – I was much better equipped to work on the projects that I do now. The time I spent in the dojo has given me a skillset to earn an income for my lifetime. $3k is a WHOLE lot cheaper than the hundred thousand or so I dropped on college and business school. I’m not saying that IMN is the ONLY thing you’re going to need to make a boatload of cash, but it is at least worth a freshman and sophomore year at a MUCH cheaper price. There IS no college for this stuff – only the ninja underground.

The number one reason why this program is worth it – the TOOLS. These tools make me drool. These Tools are SICK. I could tell you about them here, but just go play with them. Many were in house tools that I LOVED while at WBP. Jim’s proficiency for writing incredible seo tools is part of what brought me to We Build Pages in the first place when I worked there. In addition to the tools, you get videos from some of the best in the business. I could probably carry on here for quite a while, but you can read all the promotional sales copy on the site. Having been a part of the program from the onset – and receiving no compensation UNLESS you signup through my link – I can unequivocally say that this is worth it. I know they will only continue to add incredible information to the program.

*while I don’t often use affiliate links on my site – it is pretty foolish not too. I would definitely suggest this program whether I get a cut on it or not – because the program and tools are definitely worth it. I also have an additional $500 off coupon – if you’re interested, drop me an email, and I’ll send over the code (not allowed to be published online).

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  • Eric Martindale

    Finally though, you got the post out. Thumbs up on the program, and thumbs up on Stumble. :)

  • pingo

    Hey Todd,

    I’d appreciate the code. We have a tuition budget program at work, so i’ll try to convince them that I want to expense becoming a Ninja…instead of getting an MBA.


    Affiliate Manager

    email the code please to affiliate /at/


  • Judd

    Geez, not only do I miss blogging and telling people how smart I am because I’m working and making money, but I miss reading other people’s blogs, like this fine one where you tell me how smart you are.

    If this program is so awesome, your ninjatasticness should mean that you have more time to blog. It’ll rub off on me, thus improving my own ninjations, and I’ll have more time to read you.

    Good luck with that.

  • Guest

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  • jifonaga

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