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Quick SES Roundown – Paid Links Presentation

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 13 years and 292 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Another SES San Jose is in the books, and what a doozy it was. I usually try to do a complete rundown of all the great folks I got to meet and friends I got to spend time with, but life has been a bit hectic, and the blog is the first to be sacrificed to the god of poor time management. As much as I enjoy writing – it just hasn’t been an option for a while now with too many other deadlines and obligations. With that being said – you all know who you are anyhow, and just wanted the link:) So – to be fair (and to make my life a whole lot easier), I created a facebook group (it’s the cool thing to do, and I like copying Andy cause he’s a smart guy), so you can remind me that we got a chance to hang out, and that I should probably throw a little link love your way. Join the stuntdubl facebook group today. I’ll update this post in a week or two with all the folks that responded. If you’re too lazy – then I’ll just say a big thank you to all those folks that I got a chance to hang out with. It was a blast as always, and search marketing folks are among my favorite people on the planet. You guys and gals rock!

The whole month of August was an interesting one – I got a chance to visit google a couple times, visit digg, and see all the great things the bay area has to offer. Truly an amazingly geeky place.

The paid links session was a hit – other than the fact that I really should have been the warm up for Michael’s amazing attack on the paid link fud, because it was a helluva tough act to follow. Thanks to Matt and Andy for being a good sports, and to Todd and Greg for showing up with some great points as well. Here’s my “7 Reasons I am a Link Libertarian” presentation (10 MB .ppt).

See everybody in Vegas!

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  • Eric Itzkowitz

    Nice presentation. Wish I could have been there to hear all of the good conversation between the slides.

    Have a good holiday weekend!


  • Blogs for Money

    Interesting stuff on paid links – thanks for the links.

  • Eric

    The paid link FUD is just an inexpensive way to avoid having to code complex algorithms to find said “paid links” – as if an algorithm can determine website owners intent when they post a link. Google needs to evolve, else they will be the AltaVista of 2020.

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  • kane

    From what I see paid links are just a fact of life needed for webmasters to compete in the www.

  • iMarketingGuru (SEM Wiki)

    I understand the fact that links are the core of the web, I just believe that paid links are also an important necessity for webmasters looking for success and fortune on the web. Paid links may only become a problem when the sites getting paid for the links aren’t authoritative enough – in that situation, garbage can spread far too quickly (esp when the theme-relations between the sites are very awful)

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  • Local Business Review

    I work for various Local Businesses in my Locl area and often when I mention paid link to Local Business a business owner to improve his ranking – he says ‘Are you saying you are bad at your job?’

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