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SMX Seattle Roundup and Shout Outs

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 5 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

As usual, I’m quite a bit behind, but I figured it’d give me a chance to showcase the best roundups of the show, and give my shoutout list the proper attention that it deserves, now that I’m almost done wading through email. I’m pretty laid back at the conferences, and generally just go to see some friends, and eat and drink well. Business is kind of a bonus to having a good time I suppose. I’m pretty crappy at taking notes, and I surely don’t have near the skills that some of the amazing live bloggers have. I presented with Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, and Cindy Krum on SEO meet SMM, and either people were just being polite after it, or it really was a great session. Some of the better coverage was provided by the infamous live bloggers Tamar, Lisa, Rhea, and Jordan (who I think cheated watching the videos – she even got my opening quote right!)

Special thanks to all the Mozzers of SEO (Rand, Geraldine, Gillian, Scott, Matt, Rebecca, Jane, and Jeff) for being great hosts, and throwing a fantastic party, and to Danny (as well as Chris, Karen, and the rest of the Third Door Posse) for putting on an incredible conference

I got to hang out with some of my favorite people, and meet some new folks as well. I’m always amazed at the quality of the conversation. I appreciated the company of RC, Rumbas, Andrew, MrMackin, Carlos, Chris, Brent, Lindsay, Ben, Matt, Paul, Paul, Mike, Jon, Curtis, Jeffrey, Mary, Jay, Paul, Noah, Robert, Dixon, Scott, Hooley, Anna, Snoop, David, Craig, Dustin, Matt, Ken, Hal, Guillame, Jay, Julie, Lisa, Ekky, Rob, Martel, Matt, Matt, Tim, Scott, Alex, Neil, Cameron, Patrick, Becky, Abhilash, Truman, Greg, Barbara, Dax, Caesar, Aaron, Giovanna, Michael, Ken, Todd, Todd, Jim, Jim, John, Mona, Cshel, David, Mike, Christine, Tom, Matt, Bruce, Jonathan, Brad, Leslie, Eric, Mikkel, Andy, Barry, Stephan, PJ, Mike, Karl, Shimrit, Jill, Augustine, Gord, Ciarran, and plenty of other fine folks whose names currently elude me.

Anyone not linked – feel free to send me a site if you’d like it linked. Anyone I forgot – you were kind of a jerk (kidding – please leave comments, so I can remember the next time, and make me pay in shame). It was really a great time, and lookin’ forward to seeing everyone at the next one. It’s always nice to have contact details, so feel free to add me on facebook or linkedin. It’s much easier to remember faces for the next time – and for cryin’ out loud – put an about page on your site.

For more information, roundups and such, see also:

Feel free to post your roundups, or pictures in the comments.

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  • Jordan McCollum

    Oh, Todd, I didn’t cheat! I just type really fast (plus, when it rhymes, I can remember it better). And, also, I Googled the first line. I’d missed the word “follow.”

    Wish I’d gotten to meet you. I saw you around lots, but you were usually surrounded by people already.

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    Wow – that’s really impressive Jordan. It took me a few hours of practice to even remember the quote. Great job! Definitely be sure to say hi at the next show – there’s always room in the conversation!

  • Chris Hooley

    I love you Todd. But you denied my beer bong, which kinda hurts my soul

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    I assure you Senior Hooley – me bonging a beer at that point in the evening would have done no one any good:)

  • Shimrit

    Thanks for the shoutout! I posted some funny pictures on my other blog, beer bong included. Did you know your post got scraped by some Indian company?

  • Jon Kelly

    Todd, good to meet you at the show (with Cam/Neal at lunch Tuesday). I sent you a facebook add.

  • Paul Biggs

    Todd, I had a blast at SMX — thanks for sharing your insights on SEO, and maybe more importantly, fishing.

  • Abhilash

    Good seeing you there too. Anyone that can use Ron Jeremy in a presentation should get a golden fallace. Well done!

  • Oggy

    I Had a great time in SMX, and now I’m recovering from Toronto SES! I hope to see you in the next one, it was really an awesome experience.

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    Hey Jon – was good to meet you as well – added ya up there now, couldn’t remember the site, and forgot to get a card.

    Yea – I’m actually back in michigan this week. Caught our limit of walleye (25 for 5 people) on saturday, and today we got 5 keepers and 2 sheepshead on a much slower, yet beautiful day on the water.

  • Max

    Todd – you were late, but not the latest – only a Web 1.0 holdover can arrive so fashionably late to the party. Keep up the good work … although I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on our ideas of ‘Conference Tricks & Tips.’ :)

  • David Mihm

    Todd, I think I’m the 2nd David you listed here. Just wanted to say it was great to meet you (tail end of Microsoft party) & congrats on making the Digg front page this afternoon with airportexplorer. I’m happy to digg any other projects you have going forward also! :)

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