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10 Ways Competive Webmastering is Like the 2007 NBA Champion Detroit Pistons

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 40 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Detroit Pistons 2007 NBA Champions

  1. Launching a successful site is like hitting a clutch game winning 3 pointer to beat the buzzer. Finish practice, finish plays, finish quarters, and finish games.

  2. Strong teamwork skills makes a team better. Learning to pass, delegate, and share responsibilities lets everyone demonstrate and improve their strengths. A balanced attack will lead to good numbers. If they’re not on your team – it’s only business. (I still miss ben wallace)
  3. It takes depth on the roster to compete. The starting 5 isn’t always enough. Leaders must be willing to step up and demonstrate by example in the face of adversity.
  4. Ya gotta be hungry to win. The game is played far before the showdown. Planning, preparation, and practice are paramount. These games take heart.
  5. Communication is key. Talk with your teammates.
  6. Experience is important. Wiley veterans with heart can outplay even the most amazingly talented youngsters. Problems are inevitable, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. An adapting offense and defense thrives in a dynamic environment. You have to be ready for whatever the opponents throw at you.
  7. Great outside linking (or passing) scores points.
  8. Mastery of fundamentals builds champions. Every play counts once the clock is running.
  9. Hook shots can be ugly but effective.
  10. You can’t overestimate the importance of strategy, energy, execution, and focus. Champions play great defense.

I GuaranSheed that eastern conference champs is a given.
How does anyone from the west really thing they can beat the D? The Warriors might be the only team able to take it more than 6.

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  • Brian Provost

    As a Spurs fan, I must unsubscribe from this blog now. Why can’t Pistons Fan remember the last beatdown we handed out?

  • Sebastian

    Great post! Well, except for the ridiculous overestimation of the Pistons. Yeah, they’ll win the East, but that’s Div IIa, remember?

    Spurs will grind them out in 6 now that Dunc’s healthy.

  • shor

    Nice bait bitch.

    I am not a Spurs fan but also see them taking the title.

    Five Reasons The San Antonio SEOs will be the 2007 champions:

    1. They have the Big Fundamental. Like the Google guidelines, you have to know your fundamentals, and no one does the basics better than Timmy.

    2. Bruce Bowen IS black hat. Like SEO you gotta play both sides of the fence. The dirtiest defender in the league has a bad rep but he’s always all over the best player on the other team like a nasty XSS exploit.

    3. Tony Parker, meet Rand Fishkin. Smooth, fast, always on point and engaged to a glamorous fiancee.

    4. The Spurs have been there and done that. Like old-school domains, the 1999, 2003 and 2005 NBA champions have been around for a long time.

    5. Trust. Greg Popovich has more authority than Wikipedia. Nuff said.

    I root for the Rockets but since they’re out, I am cheering on the Bay Area. We believe!

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  • Cavs News

    Ok, the Pistons are tough to beat and playing good basketball right now, but let’s first see if they can pass the Cavaliers and Lebron James. Don’t forget last season, you were lucky to win game 6 in Cleveland. You were 1 rebound away from going home. The Cavaliers now are healthier and more experienced and Lebron supporting cast are playing much better. Cavaliers will win in 6 games ;)

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    >Why can’t Pistons Fan remember the last beatdown we handed out?

    A win in the final minutes of game 7 is hardly a beatdown, and we definitely haven’t forgotten. I’d love to see that loss avenged in the finals.

    >Five Reasons
    1. Okay – timmy is the man – I will concede this point.

    2. More blackhat than Rasheed? Are you kidding me? The man works the refs through the entire game, and when he gets pissed you had better start guarding him with 3 men.

    3. Yea okay, I’ll concede this one too. I can’t hate on TP’s taste, but you KNOW that takes time away from practice.

    4. Detroit has been to the past 4 eastern conference finals.
    2003 – made to eastern conf. finals
    2004 – champs
    2005 – eastern conference champs
    2006 – made to the eastern conference finals (lost to champion miami heat)

    5. ugh.

    Whoever gets through from the west will be so damn tired, they’ll have nothin’ left for the finals. Just like ’04 when the Lakers were stacked with shaq, kobe, gary payton, and karl malone, people will ACT surprised throughout the playoffs as the pistons throttle their opponents.

  • Stuntdubl SEO


    Okay, yes, Lebron is amazing, but he’s still got no backup, and it isn’t a cohesive unit playing team basketball. Very little experience closing out games too.

    Plus – what no one realizes, is the the sheer will the pistons are turning on right now. They were running at 80% during the regular season to pace themselves. The bulls were a challenger (winning 3 of 4 meetings) during the regular season. They’ll be lucky if they see a game 5 now in the playoffs.

    Cool site btw though – being a cavs (or probably browns) fan has surely been as painful a ride as rooting for the lions:)

  • Joe Whyte

    I love the Pistons!!! Great post and this must have taken you a while.

    SO good I had to stumble this!!!

  • Rebecca Kelley

    Gotta hand it to you Todd for getting behind the best team in the NBA. ;)

    I really hope, however, that the Warriors make it far. That would be pretty rad.

    (Oh, and no love for the Wings?)

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    >red wings

    Not much of a hockey guy to be honest – but they’re still a pretty fun team to watch on occasion.

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  • Corey Donovan

    Your Pistons definitely have the East locked up. The finals should be entertaining though… i can’t pick a winner there. Flip deserves a championship but so does Nash. A Pistons vs. Suns final would be phenomenal television.

    Comparing an NBA team and a competitive webmaster definitely makes a lot of sense since there are so many elements that go into the success of either.

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  • Boink

    Considering the Pistons won’t make it past Chicago and the Warriors won’t make it past Utah, this post obviously isn’t about basketball. But interesting bait, found it just as I finished visiting, so I just haddddddd to comment:)

  • tacimala

    Man do I love being a Pistons fan living in Chicago right now! No one even talks to me about basketball at work any more because of how embarrassing it has been so far. I’m actually headed to game 4 on Sunday.

    I could talk all day on how good the Pistons are but that wouldn’t be too relevant here. I do like your comparison though and it makes a lot of sense for those that understand both SEO and Deeeeeetroit Basketball!

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    >Pistons won’t make it past Chicago

    Thank you for commenting, but I must ask that in the future you refrain from commentary until AFTER you’ve kicked the crack pipe. :)

    >could talk all day on how good the Pistons are but that wouldn’t be too relevant here.

    Feel free – I’ll be talking down to the haters until we win four games in the finals. I’m very jealous you get to hit game 4. Enjoy!

  • Need4Sheed

    Love the post.
    Your GuaranSHEED is right on the money.

  • Sebastian

    Todd, you’re the best. Flip Saunders however, is not the best. Let’s all do a simultaneous neck twitch in pre-finals sympathy.

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    >not the best.

    Perhaps no. But the combination of Flip and the 10 guys that wanna win a championship so badly that they would raise each others children can beat 6 or 8 guys or even 4 or 5 stars that don’t want it quite as bad, and haven’t worked as hard in the 340+ plus days since the last big loss.

    The best will be trying to choose an MVP from a balanced team.

    >neck twitch
    That’ll likely be for either nash and amare, timmy and parker, baron and jason, ben , mehmet and boozer, lebron, and j kidd or, all the other teams with 5 or 6 great players and no depth to their GOOD players to shoulder the intensity and pressure load when the stars are nullified by great team play.

  • shor

    News just in, Tony Parker placed into the supplemental index by Eva ;),,2001320029-2007210465,00.html

  • Tom

    The winner of Phoenix and San Antonio will win it all, beating Detroit in the finals (likely in 6 games)

  • Blake

    Many think the San Antonio Spurs will win this year.

    NBA Champion Poll:

  • shor

    Bad luck Pistons, but James was phenomenal. Incredible games 5 & 6.

  • aceboonkk

    Game.. set.. match.

    I hope your SEO is better than your basketball predictions.

    Detroit’s lucky they bowed out when they did.

  • brett table

    1-you are describing a one-hit-wonder, and not a long term bread winner.
    Lots of guys can hit game winners, not that many of them win championships.

    2- cool.

    3- or really really good tech :-)

    4- ya buddy.

    5- ya.

    6- ya. here ye here ye.

    7- lmao

    8- They don’t call Duncan the Big Fundamental for nothing.

    9- Outside of Jabar and Magic – there aren’t 10 guys in the last 50 years of nba that could shoot it.

    10- True.

    The winner this year will be the Lakers. (I am not a fan) I am a fan of the Mavericks and it has been a tough year.

  • AussieWebmaster

    Nice post mate but Neil’s porn analogy is better… or maybe it is just me

  • sana samavati