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Register for the SEO Class – Search Engine Marketing Training in NYC

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 58 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

The SEO Class is in full swing for spring. Come join us at the New York Helmsley Hotel Midtown Manhattan in mid-May for an information packed 2 day seminar on how to make it happen online. The cost is $2999 (less $500 until next friday if you mention stuntdubl in the notes upon registration)

Who: Greg Niland aka GoodROI, Rae Hoffman aka SugarRae, Michael Gray aka Graywolf, and Brad Geddes aka eWhisper, and myself

What: Unique two day training session on a variety of topics that impact search engine rankings and success with online marketing.

When: May 17th and 18th

Where: New York Helmsley Hotel – Midtown Manhattan

Why: To learn from folks experienced in a broad range of SEO topics to create a better action plan for your site. We will be covering both conceptual and tactical topics. Each attendee will get some one on one time in the "SEO bullpen" with one or more of the presenters, to review their most pressing issues with regards to search engine marketing.

How much: The cost is $2999 (less $500 until next friday) Additional people from the same company will be priced at $1800 (40% off base price)

More information, and how to register:

Agenda and topics:

Each sessions will comprise of about half presentation time, and half question and answer time.

  • Intro to SEO by Greg
  • Content creation and organization by Rae and Michael
  • Brand Management by Greg and Michael
  • Usability & Conversion by Brad
  • Blogging by Rae
  • Link Building, Buying and Management by Rae and Todd
  • Social Media & Viral Marketing by Todd and Michael
  • Research Techniques by Greg and Rae
  • Paid Marketing Campaigns by Brad
  • Technical Setup by Michael and Greg
  • Internet Marketing Tools by Todd


Join us for the SEO Class by registering here today.

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  • Rob

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