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Stephen Colbert – Greatest Living American

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 60 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Greatest Living AmericanProbably the coolest thing I heard at SES NYC was Jonah Stein’s story of informing the folks at the Colbert Nation that Stephen could be the Greatest
Living American according to Google.
Jonah is truly the most patriotic SEO for doing this service to his country. As a former resident to the home of the Saginaw Steagle Colbeagles, fan, and hater of most things politics, I blindly subscribe to anything Mr. Colbert says, and think most others should do the same. Stephen Colbert IS the World’s Greatest Living American – and assisting him in garnering more notoriety through the web is a duty befitting only to those SEO’s who normally lurk in the shadows of the political mayhem and pray that legislators don’t find any great ideas for further taxing the web. Love Your Country! Send your links!

Please join Rand, Rebecca, and other folks who understand the threat that bears pose in encouraging the Greatest Living American – Stephen Colbert to further explore SEO and link bombing. Help spread Truthiness.

Thanks to shipbrook and ShandyKing for the image.

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  • handsome rob

    Oh no, they got you too? Haha. I heard this gauntlet thrown down at SES and was trying to hold out. Speaking of SES, enjoyed your contribution to the social bookmarking session…

  • Ash

    Colbert really has some fantastic link bait in his hands at the moment. So many high-trust sites (like stuntdubl) talking about him and his site!

  • Jonah Stein


    I’m blushing.


  • Brandon Wirtz is the Greatest Living American

    I’m actively working to the the Greatest Living American, and hold the number two Spot Just below Stephen, and would appreciate your support in being number one.

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  • Jonah
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  • Daniel

    It must be true since there are T-shirts to back the claim up:

  • Brandon Wirtz is the Greatest Living American

    I’m now Number one. Read’em and Weep.