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10 Reasons Why I Don’t Blog Sometimes

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 62 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Jim tagged me – helping to spread the “why do I blog” meme. There are plenty of great reasons why I choose to blog, most of which have been covered by Jim, and several of the other great responses. There are plenty of reasons I don’t as well. Since blogging has been light lately, I figured I’d give some of the reasons I don’t blog, instead of going right along with the meme (it’s fun to be the counterpoint sometimes).

  1. I’m working on something other than commentary.
  2. I’m not sure who it might offend.
  3. The post could negatively effect my projects.
  4. The post could negatively effect someone else’s project.
  5. It’s not remarkable. No one cares.
  6. I don’t want to be an idiot blogger.
  7. I have a bad attitude about something.
  8. Lack of inspiration.
  9. Off topic posts suck.
  10. Competitive conflict.

Other than these, I really enjoy writing about topics that interest me. Thought aggregation is probably the number 1 reason that I do blog now, and the fact that others enjoy reading some of it certainly helps as well. Blogging has become a great form of communication on many different levels, but it is also hard work to maintain in an intelligent fashion.

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  • Paul

    For me… I blog when I got something useful to share with others out there on the Internet.

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  • kbf

    Good. Way too many incompetent writers blog and it is arrogant and annoying. Effect is a noun. Affect is a verb. I hope more bloggers follow your lead.

  • Sam

    i blog just when i think i like and its really useful for others.

  • Mr Forklift

    I would say that blogging is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  • Yuri

    Those are pretty much the same reasons I don’t blog, too. While I don’t think no one cares about what you write, being remarkable is quite a goal (and the reason you didn’t follow the meme, too?).


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  • Jim

    I can’t thank you enough for blogging as little as you do. I can keep up.

    I can’t keep up with so many of the other bloggers, especially the ones with 8 authors. Who has the time? Continue with the good ideas and the positive attitude – two things we can always benefit from.

  • новини

    I don’t blog because I’m always hungry. I get hungry when I start blogging. Then I go to eat and after that I realize that I forgot the blog topic. Then I go to eat again, because I’m hungry. My blog is for quality food and maybe that explains everything. Omg, I’m hungry.brb.

  • Anonymous

    It’s good to know why some people blog and why others don’t. Well, I think your reasons for not blogging inspire me to start doing so sooner than later.
    Thanks for inspiration!

  • SEO Tools

    I sold my blog because I felt I was running out of ideas and topics… Now I am starting a blog again with the same niche…how stupid I am.. LOL