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It’s Deductible – Rap Video to Remind You Tax Season is Coming Up.

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A buddy of mine (and fellow seo’r) Dan, aka Danny Funk has had me cracking up, and singing the hook of his great entry into the turbo tax rap contest on youtube for several days now. I promise it is worth the 2:00 for this one. He missed his calling as the 4th Beastie boy. Throw some thumbs up and stars his way if you think it’s as good as I did. I’d embed it here, but I imagine the views, votes, and such probably help out for the contest. Check out the video here. You can give it some love on Digg here too. If you’d like to download this video, you can use the download youtube videos firefox plugin Great job by turbo tax as well – I doubt there is any other way they would have got me (or many other folks) to talk about them, so they deserve some kudos for some out of the ordinary experimental marketing (hey, I had to have the post be SOMEWHAT on topic). Just for good karma, here’s a link for tax software with no affiliate link.

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  • Dan

    thanks for the love guys. The thumbs up is the vote that counts, and you can drop those here:

  • Chris Winfield

    That is really f’in good. I think he has a new calling in rap commercials…

  • Hannes Johnson

    Brilliant – both the TurboTax campaign and the video :)

  • tmoney

    yeh not bad hey Dan.

    im into my rap and i thought it wasnt bad. Although I know how tough the competition is out there.

    have you been rapping for long? Rapper/SEO’er hey? Has anyone tried to use that against you in any battles you have been in?



  • Marketing Agency

    That was pretty good. Helps people learn about what’s deductible. Thumbs up from me, and good luck.

  • Mark B

    Am I the only one that didn’t see any place to vote?

  • Communication

    Very funny. The hat is great!