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Friday Favorites 2/23/07

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 121 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

  • The Search Engine Marketer’s of Portland have a cool event coming up March 7th – Rebecca has a bit more commentary on it. If you’re in the area, I’m sure it’s worth checking out.
  • SoloSEO has launched a new competitive report – very cool stuff. If you’re a solo shop, this is a really handy tool (and I didn’t even get paid to say this:)
  • Brad gives more great insight on Adwords quality score
  • Jim tells us why humans do it better
  • Jason shows us the ABC’s of SEM (Always be converting – inspiration provided by Glengarry Glenross)
  • Greg tells us why we shouldn’t pick on Dave Pasternack (He has a point, but I’m only linking because I want to go to Esca)
  • Brian gives a great interview with VC Jeremy Liew
  • Clicktracks (who is probably the coolest analytics company on the planet) – has a bet running with Avinash Kaushik of Occam’s Razor, about whether they should add some of the better features to their free product "appetizer". It’s stuff like this, why I’ve always been a huge fan of their company and product. Be sure to check out the webcast with Avinash, and get the free software that right now has the site overview features enabled (it’s really great USABLE info).
  • Problogger is having an NYC meetup which should be pretty cool – Catchup with Darren, and the fine gents of TLA
  • Aaron tells us why hiring people for $20/ hr to create your marketing ideas is not a great idea
  • Shoemoney got the boot from Mybloglog – I can’t blame them on some level, but I’ll be pulling MBL too (Yes, I’m a lemming, but I think Andy has the right idea – and the $20M fad is over for the SEO savvy – there’s still the myspace crowd now that the early adopters see that there’s little real value – it was fun while it lasted) The only value I saw, was putting a face with names, though I’m sure there are, and will be other better options for this shortly.
  • Neil (who has a cool new design) – announces a social media conference in conjunction with SMX/ SearchEngineLand – cool.
  • I really like Skittzo’s letter, and Michael fuels the fire a bit, but I learned myself, it’s better to just have thick skin to the haterz most the time, and focus on commonality – or just stay focused on things that really matter. Defending SEO to the unconverted is the new blackhat/whitehat debate (*tinfoilhat – perhaps it’s concocted by a brilliant mind at google to keep us from actually WORKING /tinfoilhat:)
  • RC is a cool guy, and understands seo history better than most – if you don’t know what directhit is, read up on the history folks
  • Brian asks, What is Google getting out of Checkout? – you don’t think it’s a completely humanitarian effort to help business everywhere Brian? Such a skeptic;)

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  • rcjordan

    I followed you trackback from Andy Beal’s linkbait thread on MBL, Todd. Personally, I think that many bloggers had already decided that MBL was something not much removed from space-hogging eyecandy and were going to chuck it anyway. So, when the opportunity for contrived outrage presented itself, why not pile on, too?

    >I’m only linking because I want to go to Esca

    Somehow, that ulterior motive crossed my mind re Greg, too, hhh. I’ve not known him to stop and pick up stray kittens before –nor be overly worried about collateral damage (unless he was going to be within the blast zone). I will say that, like him, I think the contests are a waste. Same goes for shaking fists at anyone who says seo is stupid/easy/whatever. …Or howling at the moon.

  • 45n5

    just wanted to stop by and give a shout out that I enjoy these friday link dumps ;-)


  • Dave Pasternack

    Linking to Greg’s page doesn’t help the chef. It helps Greg. His article doesn’t contain any valuable information about the chef. Instead, it’s all about an SEO contest that nobody outside the online marketing/tech world will care about. If you can see past your desire for a free meal at Esca, and want to actually avoid “[urinating] in the search pool,” you’ll link either directly to a page with useful information about the chef, or to my bio page at Those are the options if you’re really concerned about relevance.