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7 Opportunities for “New School” SEO

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 75 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

The “SEO being bad” debate is almost as tired as the blackhat/whitehat debate now. I’m not real excited about defending the virtues of SEO – I know how fantastic it can be, and to explain it properly, it would require a proper understanding of the history of search, and mainly unwritten history of the dynamics between optimizers and engineers. I told a friend today that I will now forever be marketing consultant from the SEO school of thought. I consider practicing SEO an honor, and while I’m sure there is probably better terminology, I’d rather be working than addressing folks that don’t “get it”. So for those that do – here’s some ideas of things to watch, and poke at if you’re not already. I’d call it SEO 2.0 – but that would defeat the concept of staying ahead of the curve on things.

  1. Onebox optimization
    There is a lot of opportunity for folks to jump to the top of the SERPS in local, product search, and other niche areas. I have really been lackadaisical on this myself, but there is plenty of opportunities to poke at the onebox. See Brian Mark’s site for inspiration.
  2. Social media marketing
    SMM is NOT social media manipulation – it is learning what social communities online are looking for and giving it to them… (…so hard that they BLEED) – quoting DaveN
  3. Video promotion
    There’s this little site called youtube that 90% of corporate drones waste 50% of their 40 hours per week on. There not ALL watching drunken litesaber fight videos – okay, well maybe they ARE – but if that’s what they want – GIVE IT TO THEM – just put your URL in as a watermark.
    Community participation
    Everybody is looking for answers on the web. Find where you’re the expert, and become more so. Credibility is not a commodity, and there is a LOT of value to it.
    Reputation management
    The new public relations – Google is the new http://, and everyone’s got MINIMUM 5 spots to defend. Those that are proactive will not be sorry. Knuckleheads that buck the trend probably will be (best free advice ever given).
    Media piggybacking
    Not seeing urls on superbowl ads makes me cry. Search traffic may still only be a small percentage of overall exposure – what old school marketers still don’t get is that it’s the GOOD percentage of the exposure (the BEST customers that are interested and take action) – Someone with lots of patience has gotta continue to explain this.
    Ideas and execution
    As Aaron says – ideas are the currency in our economy, and executing on them is the next best thing to creating them. There is a lot to be said for being the first to market. Okay, you caught me, this one isn’t really an opportunity, it’s more of a philosophy and a reminder to pick something and run with an idea that you have confidence in, and see it through to fruition. Don’t pick an idea that sucks.

Each one of these areas has a ruleset to play by. The SEO school of thought teaches us to learn the rules, and cater our content, site, or product for the most optimal results within the given ruleset. SEO’s are the folks that push the limits, and force the rules to evolve (think of athletes like Shaq that dominated so much the rules had to change). SEO is more than a process. It is understanding what OPTIMAL really means to the point of perfection, and knowing when striving further towards that perfection has hit a point of diminishing returns.

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  • Glen

    Nice to see you posting Todd ;), I think a lot more people need to realise theres a lot of good rankings available out there relatively easily, and for those who do realise they will reap the benefits.

    I always prefer to have an interst in my personal projects

  • imnotadoctor

    #3 – I almost died watching that video!

    #6 – I could not agree more. In my past life I coached real estate agents on their marketing and I was always amazed on how many of them did not promote their website on all forms of their marketing. A website address is more approachable then a telephone number.

  • markus941

    (Credibility may not be a commodity, but reality is.)

    Great list. You can pick any one of these niches and make it a full time job/study. The field of online marketing and SEO is getting too complex for one-man shops to tackle effectively anymore. You either have to learn to read fast or build a team.

  • Chris Bennett

    Great post Todd. I think Rep management will be one of the most important and lucrative aspects of seo very soon if not already.

  • Brian Mark

    That video was awesome. Now to one-up them… we could do our own horror movie with some of the power tools we have… or maybe not.

  • Bill

    Loved the video. Hope there’s a sequel.

    Nice start on mapping out the new school of SEO (like that better than SEO 2.0). The first step is to throw away 1998’s text books.

    @ #7. There are also great ideas that have been poorly implemented. Doing something right, and doing it well can make a difference for those. A first mover’s advantage doesn’t always play out well on the web.

  • jim

    Well, considering I know who the “friend” is you were talking to, I’m not too sure how to take this article…

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  • Matt Siltala

    I agree with what you said – “I consider practicing SEO an honor” I do to, and I don’t care what some may think of SEO’s. If you can provide long term results and keep clients happy (and open up a wide opportunity for them online) then that’s really what its all about for me. I love SEO, and thanks for making it known that you do to!

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  • KevinL.

    Reputation Management is taking on a whole new meaning and Google can’t be everything to everyone.

  • Aaron Shear

    Great post Todd.

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  • Eric Ward

    Love the piggyback. Not just on TV but all other media. Blows my mind when I get my cable bill in the mail and the only URL on it is the one to pay it online…They have my attention, I’m reading the bill, getting ready to go online to pay it, so what better time to give me a couple other URLs to check out?

    Excellent stuff Todd!


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  • Seo

    its all good.

    Shinobi 1

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  • Grokodile

    Very nice. I clicked off to read the supporting blog posts you reference as well. The point about Google being the new HTTP:// struck home in particular. Keep up the good work!

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  • sina
  • shima