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Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 103 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

I thought about this over the past 24 hours, since I saw Scott’s post, and I really couldn’t pinpoint one piece of life (or even SEO) advice that stood out as the very best in that time period (I’m sure it will dawn on me shortly after posting). Lots of GOOD advice, lots of FUNNY advice, but the overall best advice I was given was probably from whoever convinced me to attend my first pubcon (I wish I could properly credit them). In retrospect, I can look back to the first conference I attended as a big catalyst as a turning point in both my career, and line of thinking. For those who have questioned whether or not they should attend one – you definitely should. Don’t let $$ be the reason you don’t because it is worth every penny. I have paid my own way to several, and they are definitely worth it for the relationships and contacts I have made that have been extremely valuable on both personal and professional levels. You can’t put a price tag on having a network of like-minded people that you can count on to help answer difficult questions, and bounce ideas off of. Without that, you are stuck on an island. I like the idea anyways, of offering the best advice you’ve been given, so figure I’d help to spread it. Feel free to comment here, or create a post of your own – just be sure to credit Scott for a good idea. Michael’s also given his best advice.

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  • Juuso – Game Producer

    The first link has extra ” in it… so it goes to 404 page. Just to let you know.

    (Although the 404 cat page is definitely fun to watch, you ought to add it to your “fun 404 pages” ;))

  • Sheri Bigelow

    I think that one of the best pieces of career advice I received was when, just before taking my first “real” job after college, my business school professor advised me to “really listen for the first six months.” Meaning, you should take stock of new situations before getting involved in any politics or “battles” and pay attention to how the corporate culture in the company works.

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  • imnotadoctor

    I gotta give props to my daddio that told me to “Never Burn Bridges, you might not know when you will have to cross them again.”

  • Steaprok

    I cant really remember the best advise, but I can say that the worst advise I was given was by one of my programming prof’s he said “Your wasting your time with that search engine marketing stuff, its a pssing fad , it will go the way of Beta’s and Laserdiscs, focus on C+ now theres the future!” ha ha ha ha! Mr. Weisman Look whos laughing now!!! ha ha ha!

  • wheel

    Yup, going to first pubcon was probably the best advice I’ve had as well. First night at the first pubcon I meet Jim Boykin outside the hotel. And he proceeds to lay all sorts of link how-to information on me.

  • Niero

    Best Adventure of Link screenshot usage ever.

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