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Google Custom Search for Search Engine Marketing Sites

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 144 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now, but Lee’s fantastic list of sites made it all the easier. I thought it’d be useful for research for posts and such to have a custom search based on those SEO sites. You can check it out here. It’ll also be on the right hand site under search for future use.

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  • Andrew Girdwood

    Great idea. Thanks!

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  • webconnoisseur

    Very cool Todd! There’s a number of sites missing – probably because you missed Lee’s latest update which brings the count up to about 330 blogs:

  • David Temple

    Great job Todd. I actually come up in the SERPS on this, yeah! It is on my blogroll.

  • paul sanchez

    that list is amazing! I just watched your video on web pro news. the one thing that stuck out was the niche digging. It was the direction I was going but hearing you say it helped me know that I was going in the right direction. My focus is going to be non profit videos. is going to be a site that I’m really going to focus on since they pay per view. Right now I’m at Sundance but when I get back I’m really going to turn up the heat on the this nitch on digg. It was funny I follow your blog but when I was watching the video I did not notice that it was you. Well take care and keep up the great work.
    Oh and since your a big digg user you should keep an eye on this digg user:
    I’m on her computer too so her mybloglog will show up on your page.

    Take care,

    Paul Sanchez

  • Brian Turner

    Looks great! But…Lee since added, but I don’t find it on your search engine (hint hint!).

  • Top Rank Charlotte

    I just love the Uncle Sam Icon – too funny.

    Anyway I have.

    I use Google Coop for a few things other than SEO and I see a trickle coming :)

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  • Alister Cameron, Blog Consultant

    Ha ha!

    There goes my short-lived monopoly on Lee’s list… :(

    Never mind.

    – Alister

  • Seo Best Practices

    I have my own custom SE too, I have been building it with the SEO blogs I read most, and keep building it.

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  • John

    I did this for my ski related search site during the days after Google Co-op was released. I’m now looking to integrate Google’s AJAX API to get some tabbed search goodness.

    Check the site out and let me know what you think.

  • Vidal

    New Google CSE searchengine lauched! SearchHacker, Quick searches for many different file types like:
    mp3. mid, wav, au, wmv, avi, mpg, mov, mpeg, doc, xls, pds, txt, jpg, rar, torrent… you name it, can come in very handy! Have a look:

    Another searchengine from them is where you can search for live public unprotected webcams

  • SEO

    Yes,I always suggesst that my customers use it!