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Shameless Solicitation for MyBlogLog Community and MBL Security Issue

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 146 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Yes – it’s shameless, but I’m not above it. Hell, most of you think I’d hack my own site for links (kidding, kidding) Please join mybloglog community. I can’t honestly say there is much in it for you except a sincere thank you:) The truth is, I just wanna see if I can get up in the ranks of Graywolf, who has cracked the top

  • I also wanted to take this opportunity to post about a security issue that Jusso thankfully alerted me to. Make sure to upgrade your “MyAvatars” plugin if you are running it on your site. The old version includes your users “mailto” address (not cool). For more on the problem, see Jusso’s post, and download the latest version of myAvatars.
  • More information about Todd Malicoat aka stuntdubl.

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    • Brian Mark

      I’m already there.

      On an unrelated to joining your community note, it seems the myAvatars download link is a 404. How did you get it?

    • Stuntdubl SEO

      Hey Brian – yea – I got that earlier today too. I tried later, and it was there. Not sure what’s up there.

    • Tino Buntic

      I joined. Thanks for joing my 2000 Bloggers community, Todd!

    • Brian Mark

      Does it really get more people to your blog if you’re in the top 50? More than my first page ranking for the phrase optimizing for google? ;)

      Make sure you share the results back with us. I’m very interested in the concept, although I’d need a lot more readers to ever get to the level you’re talking about.

    • Dale

      LOL! I’m definitely guilty of this (especially today when I launched my new blog about my State’s tourism industry). I think I joined your community a while ago so thanks for the offer. But in the spirit of your post, I’m inviting you to join my community instead. :)

    • Napolux
    • Mike Empuria

      I’m in and I get to have my photo alongside Jim :)

    • Andrew Girdwood

      Hehe. I think the system works well. MBL is set up so that I auto-join you if I view your blog ten times.

      All you have to do is lure me in from Google Reader a few more times…

    • Stuntdubl SEO

      Thanks Napolux (and thanks for the cool plugin!) I fixed the link above, you may want to 301 that old link or page (I think that’s what came up in the search results, and plenty of other folks link there too).

    • shandyking

      Shameless… but got me joining!

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    • kid disco

      Already in there, of course. So… where’s my iPod?

    • British Chap

      I did – I’m the smart arse with the Pork Pie hat on….

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    • Hone

      Yeah myavatars plugin is cool I added it to my blog too.

    • shor

      Mr Wolf is kicking your butt on MBL but also in the quality and quantity of his recent blog posts.

      Get back on the link bait wagon Todd :)

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    • Seo Best Practices

      I already joined your community, it’s good to see you at Mybloglog.

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    • sahar

      Thank you very much., You are a good writer.

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    • shima