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16 Tips to Successful Business on the Web

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 156 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

These just popped to mind – and thought it’d make a good post. Most success on the web is not technical driven – it is still people driven. Here’s some rules I try to live by:

  1. Always pay people on time (preferably immediately upon receiving invoice)
  2. Be honest and transparent
  3. Don’t backbite people
  4. Don’t be afraid to say no
  5. Answer all your e-mail – even if it’s late or a short response
  6. Do things without an ulterior motive (it’s good to do favors)
  7. Overdeliver and underpromise
  8. Manage expectations effectively
  9. Execute, execute, execute
  10. Trust people, and put relationships first
  11. Make introductions
  12. Work with successful people
  13. Never ignore a conversation about you or your company (unless someone is trying the attack hook)
  14. Don’t pass crappy leads
  15. Help people learn, and work with smart people
  16. Have an abundance mentality

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  • Brian Mark

    Great post. This list don’t just apply to business on the web, either. They’re great for business in general and life in general.

  • Dale

    Good pointers to live by indeed. #5 is something that’s a bit harder to do than usual (at least for me). :)

  • Tim Linden

    “4. Don’t be afraid to say no”

    I recently learned that one. I had trouble saying no to new clients. But I soon realized that my current clients were starting to suffer because I was trying to do too much at once. Then my own sites started to suffer, and I have since stopped doing client work (programming) and focus on my own site. Since then it has skyrocketed and I’m making more than when I was doing client work =P

  • imnotadoctor

    17. Do not be afraid to ask question? Miscommunication can be a killer.

  • MIke Peters – SoftwareProjects

    Thumbs up on a great post!

    I was looking for the digg button to digg this but didn’t find it would be great lb

  • Lyndoman

    I think if you see this list and you’re not already doing half of it then wise up.

  • Jimbo Boykin

    don’t pass on crappy leads?
    hum…you want the ones I’ve been passing on?

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    Hey Jim – that was
    14. Don’t PASS crappy leads
    -meaning, don’t send bum leads to your friends (only the good ones:)

    Dale, I agree – it’s very hard to answer all mail sometimes.

    Brian, yea a lot of these can be used for life in general as well I think.

  • 97th Floor

    Learning to turn away business was the best decesion I have made with my business. There are so many companies that will suck you dry.


    Nice list. Thanks

  • superk

    I particularly like #4 and #7. The latter is a great way to get your clients happy :)

  • Alex

    Always ignored basic principles to make business the right way. Unforgettable post. Thanks.

  • Roman Budzowski

    #15 is the best in my opinion. The rest can be derived from this one. That’s my personal experience :D

  • British Chap

    Get a contract or agreement together – but first of all don’t sound like an arrogant fool………

  • Dmitri

    People need to use #7 more. A lot of business loose clients because they promise too much. I for one,will never come back/use someone who promises gold mines but delivers copper jugs…