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Why Widgets Will Rule the World

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 167 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Widgets will be one of the handiest link development tools of 2007. They have always been handy, but with the proliferation of bloggers, and common blog platforms, it makes the development of them that much more easy. Why beg for links when you can build something cool, and garner some support from a community that will help improve your inbound links, rankings, AND even branding as a bonus! There is a LOT of opportunity to build buzz and backlinks with widgets.

The recent success story so far has been Mybloglog. After seeing it pop up on more and more blogs (with my own mug smiling back at me after signing up as a member), I was fascinated enough to finally get it on my own site. Seeing “all my friends doing it” was what it took to get me to. It’s a cool app that makes a site a little less faceless, and let’s me know when folks have stopped by.

In addition to being kinda cool – it’s a real nice case study of how well a widget can work – they’ve picked up over half a million links. Very not bad for a site registered only a couple years ago. Jeremy claims they’re harvesting a bunch of data (would be interesting to hear just what), and have been shopping themselves around to yahoo and others.

For more information on widgets – check out SexyWidget

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  • Dugdale

    Thanks for the post, while reading it you gave me an idea for a blogging widget.

  • kid disco

    Oh crap! You can tell that I’ve been visiting your blog? :P

  • Jason Poteet

    And they just sold MyBlogLog to Yahoo for 10 Million. Nice job indeed.

  • abhilash

    there’s no question that widgets are going to be the big stories in 2007. But while we can all talk about the importance and value of widgets, how scalable are they really for any old company to build & publish? Widgets need to do something remarkable or extraordinary to generate those links, and require some significant forethought and precision. The next one that comes out with some star power will incorporate… well… i think I better post on this myself ;)

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  • Frederick Townes

    I agree that widgets definitely represent a new method for building links. Unfortuantely many of the widgets floating around out there have a lot of accessibility issues to resolve from a development standpoint to be able to pass any juice around.

  • ituloy angsulong

    The acquisition of mybloglog by Yahoo just proves this. And Yahoo is heading in the right direction.

  • Derek Anderson

    Perhaps I should write more about widget developers than the widgets themselves? I just thought people would like a place to find widgets and reviews about them.