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Help JP and Vanderbilt Hospital –

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 163 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

This is a very worthwhile cause, if you’re in the SEM community – I’m sure JP will be appreciative of some link love, and a story mention to all you bloggin’ folks out there. This will

  • Improve the visibility of SEO
  • Make some cool guy’s girlfriend VERY happy (hopefully)
  • Help to raise a bunch of money for Vanderbilt hospital. It would be very cool if the search community can help this go viral to the “traditional media” world. It’s already been listed on AdAge where Joe says he has: “met J.P. and claims he’s real — and, more importantly, marketable — “an all-American, baseball-cap-wearing guy with a cute-as-a-button girlfriend,”. *Cough* I BELIEVE Joe knows who it is – and again – it’s a legit cause. From Joe Morin’s site who is helping to push the story to the mainstream (and you should too):

    I ran across the most interesting blog a little while back, – there is this blogger — ‘JP’ who is attempting to raise money via his blog in order to buy a 30 second commercial spot during next year’s Superbowl on February 4th. He doesn’t stop there, if by chance he goes over in his fund raising efforts or is picked up by an existing Superbowl advertiser — anything beyond his goal or 100% of the money raised not used for the commercial — will go to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital – one of the top rated children’s hospitals in the nation. While at first I thought “Wow, that’s really neat, I hope this guy makes it and pulls it off”, I began to mull over the possibilities and how I would promote this because granted, this is an amazingly large project and in order for him to be successful, he would have to raise $2.5 million or generate enough buzz in both the blogosphere as well as through traditional channels.

    From Ad Age:
    He’s at only $100,000, so he’s all but ditched that plan, instead trying to find a marketer who will put him in an ad. (He’s donating any money he raises to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tenn., he said.)

    More information about Todd Malicoat aka stuntdubl.

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    • Glen

      Will get the word out in the morning!

    • abhilash

      I think I remember Lawrence Coburn talking about this during one of the social/viral marketing sessions at Pubcon. Could be one of the best viral marketing campaigns ever. I love these ideas–they’re what keep me enrolled ever so intently

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