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The Search Marketer’s Guide to Digg

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 199 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

I’ve been playing with Digg quite a lot lately – it’s an interesting site with a very well defined user base (of alpha geeks). I decided to start taking notes on some of my favorite articles and information on Digg for your reading pleasure (and so you don’t have to search as much as I did). I think there are some great opportunities for reaching an impressive audience with digg. They’ve got some sharp folks behind the scenes – and are improving their algorithm at a rate much faster than we’ve seen search engines do in the past.

I think the area that has made digg so successful is what I would call “human editorial authority”. I doubt people will get away with abusive techniques due to the strong editorial power of holding people accountable for what they post with transparency. While most the search engines DO have human intervention – they haven’t accepted and embraced it. One of the beauties of digg is if there is CRAP in the index – you know exactly who to blame for it. Giving humans editorial authority will create alternate issues to most search engines (problems more similar to dmoz likely) – but overall it seems to have increased the relevance as well as even sometimes the speed of information. I’m personally fascinated with digg both from a personal and a marketing perspective.

Recent US data on in regards to their potential acquisition talks:’s US market share of visits increased 231% comparing the week ending October 21, 2006 versus the week ending October 22, 2005 US market share of visits increased 176% comparing September 2006 versus September 2005 is the third most visited website within the Hitwise US News and Media – IT category for the week ending October 21, 2006 is the ranked at 114 most visited website within the Hitwise US News and Media category for the week ending October 21, 2006 received 55% of its US traffic from Google for the week ending October 21, 2006

From Hitwise via – SEW

Digg Suggestions

Digg upcoming features

Lascivious display of outbound linking:


Use and Abuse

Story Posting

Community and social aspects

Digg Traffic

FAQ’s and Algo

Don’t Sell Diggers


More search engine marketing information about digg

Tests and reviews will be in 30 days :)

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  • Dave Davis

    Hey Todd. long time reader, first time … commenter. I have actually being playing around with digg myself over the past two weeks. Something interesting that I noted was a story I submitted earlier today got indexed in Goolge in 11 hours. Probably less, but that was the time when I checked first.

    Also, even submitted, useful stories submitted have received a steady “trickle” of traffic since submission. Fair enough, maybe they were not front page material, but still.

    I’m really having fun with SMO (I love new acronyms) lately and it’s nice to have some new material to play with.

    Looking forward to any experiments in the coming weeks.

    I might as well take this opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful information you have provided so far.


  • scoreboard

    Dude, your super cool Digg AJAX button needs a URL :)

  • Paul Buchhorn

    those services are very usefully, but here, in germany, no one use its :( ive just 10 hits in a month from social bookmarks…

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  • Joe Williams

    Love the Research. Quality post!

  • Anonymous


    I have also been playing around with Digg a lot recently and I too am fascinated with it from both a personal and a marketing perspective. I first started playing with Digg because of its marketing potential, but I ended up getting addicted and have been participating mostly just because I really like it.

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  • Terry

    Great post Todd! Now if they would only let me use the darn thing! :p

  • Bartek at

    Super sweet post. I’ve been trying to figure out what makes a good “digg” article and your post really helps. I look forward to hitting up all those links too!

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  • kelvin newman

    Really useful post, love those posts hwre someone nice and organised gets everything you need to read together in one place. Keep up the good work!

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  • Spirulina Girl

    Digg certainly looks like a very good way to drive visitors to a website quickly and is something I may look into more so thank you for an informative post. I have found however, very little resources on even the most basic of tasks in digg. I couldn’t even find any ‘help’ on the digg website. Maybe someone should publish a complete beginners guide to digg.

  • Spirulina Boy

    First of all I think Digg is a very good website, and a very good idea. Its algorithm is unique. However, I don’t think it will become a new Google. Google currently collects 10 billion pages, how many Digg collects? How does Digg collect pages? In terms of searching/indexing, Digg still leaves something to be desired. But it is a good initiative. I am interested in learning how it will develop.

  • Spirulina Girl

    Wow, how amazing to find not only a ‘spirulina boy’ but to find he’s actually one of my competitors following my footsteps in the sad hope of picking up a few backlinks from blogs I actually read anyway! Sorry Frank, get a life!

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