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Ted Leonsis Contest – Keep it Clean

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 201 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Brian thought a contest for Ted Leonsis would be a good idea – and of course Michael’s always up for a bit of SEO experimenting. I think this “contest” offers a good opportunity to demonstrate the importance of rep management in a positive way. I created a Ted Leonsis page as well – so if that page manages to win – I’ll gladly donate Brian’s money to charity (Leukemia research). My plea to those that compete is that you keep it clean – focus on Ted’s accomplishments, and help teach people about the positive things he’s done instead of just being a wanker and tryin’ to get something to rank. I’ll gladly put up a bio or redirect after the first of the year, if Ted bothers to comment on the contest at all.

For the very short time I’ve been aware of Ted at AOL – he seems like a good enough chap. He DOES get SEO – at least he knows OF it. That’s honestly a lot more than most non-search executives I would venture to guess. I really couldn’t run AOL – I’d probably try for a little while and snap in about 6 months of having to wear a suit everyday, but I think Ted is giving the wrong message that ANYONE can do DIY SEO at a high level.

He’s honestly doing a pretty good job of improving the exposure of SEO – which is something I always appreciate. I hope that it will be kept a positive experience for all involved, however. Ted did us a solid by MENTIONING SEO to the kind of folks that know and listen to what he has to say. Despite not COMPLETELY understanding the wonderful world of search optimization and reputation management – Ted is aware of it, and should be somewhat commended, and not chastized for his beginner knowledge. Tagging a subdomain on AOL is a pretty easy way to do SEO – you have to admit – but there’s a LOT of other room in the top 50 or top 100. Please keep it clean folks.

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  • Caydel

    Oh great – more competition!

    I do have to agree – Ted has done a lot of philanthropic work with charities, so it would be best to highlight these things.

    I will link to you from my own Ted Leonsis page at my blog…

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  • John Scott

    Good to see that you’re doing a 180 on SEO contests.

    I do recall last time an SEO contest was in town you were talking like it was the doom of SEO and the end of the world. What changed your mind?

  • Todd

    I do recall last time an SEO contest was in town you were talking like it was the doom of SEO and the end of the world. What changed your mind?

    Yep – this isn’t a contest – it’s an excercise in improving the understanding of search rep management.

    Thanks for stopping by John.

  • John Scott

    Stopping by? I live here. :P

    >There is a new SEO contest on the block. Michael Gray (Gray Wolf) and Scoreboard Media annouced a contest for $500 to whoever can take the top spot for the name Ted Leonsis.

  • John Andrews

    I agree it’s not like a real contest, but more like an exercise, but that doesn’t mean everyone sees it that way. As for keeping it clean, what other way is there? I doubt anyone would expose any serious SEO “hardware” for this project anyway (?)

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    >keeping it clean

    Was more concerned about what was said in the posts. Ted seems like a pretty legit guy that does good things for the community etc. – I just didn’t want to see it turn into a smear campaign – which would have been counterproductive to the excercise.