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Top 14 Cool New Names for Someone Who Practices SEO

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 205 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

It’s a beautiful irony that SEO’s have a marketing problem with the “reputation of SEO” so I thought I’d give a few suggestions on other names SEO’s can now use on their business card or website as a selling point.

  • Conversion analyzers
  • Marketing consultants
  • New Media Moguls
  • Webmasters
  • Internet marketing coaches
  • Meta-webmasters
  • Uber net project managers
  • Web strategy tour guides
  • Net marketing imagineers
  • Master link baiters
  • Mayors of web land
  • 2.0 designer developers
  • Dynamic web engineers
  • Web scientists

    Man – I spend way too much time on posts like this. Luckily I’m self-employed and no one yells at me – “Bathrober” is another one of my favorite job titles.

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    • Hawaii SEO

      I like to call it “Online Advertising” or “Internet Marketing”.

      It’s also easier to explain to the uninitiated. Everyone immediately seems to understand at least on a conceptual level what “Online Advertising” probably is. Whenever I say “SEO” they don’t seem to understand what that means.

      It lumps the entire Media Planning processes of SEO, SEM, PR, Affiliate Programs, Banner advertising, Etc, under one umbrella.

    • jetboy

      Technical Marketing Analyst was bestowed on me a few years ago, and I liked it so much I kept it. It’s pretentiousness seems wholly appropriate for the Web 2.0 era!

    • Martin Muehl

      A list apart brought up the same question for Webdesigner:

      So on your next business card you should write “SEO, and proud of it!” Let’s take the reputation back!

    • Joe Williams

      I am sure you would get a bit of stick for number 5, with folks taking out ‘link’ from the naming! hehe

    • tbo

      i like “internet marketing coach”

    • crashingflwrgrl

      How about “Search Marketing Analyst”?

    • Mike Johansen | J8 Zoekmachine Marketing

      I always use Search Engine Marketeer.

    • jbgilbert

      Unless you are talking to the relatives…. then you just say I do “computer stuff”.

      That way no questions are asked!

    • abhilash

      How about SEOeroo? We are in the world of 2.0 these days. Shouldn’t the names be words that aren’t in the OED??

    • Igor M.

      Todd …. I vote for

      10. Internet marketing coaches

      Where the heck is my whistle !?!?!?

    • Solomon Rothman

      People love semi-humorous top ten lists. Great link bait. Marketing consultants is a nice name, considering a lot of what SEO is now concerns creativity and traditional viral marketing tasks with new technology.

    • Luke

      In Germany we use Internet Marketer …

    • Presell Page Man

      I just prefer “Owner” :-)

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    • Faris

      How about “Searchgeons”…Dr. Malicoat has a nice ring to it!

    • Dirk-Jan – Zoekmachine Optimalisatie

      How about Meta Information Analysist ?

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    • Reese

      Inspired by Faris’ searchgeons idea:

    • Laurence

      How about Website Polisher ?

      Polishing webmaster work ;) because they too busy developing of course!