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Ted Leonsis – Uber SEO – Posterboy for Reputation Management

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 208 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

There’s a gentleman by the name of Ted Leonsis at AOL that wanted to rank well for his own name – I’m sure he’s a decent chap – and thought I’d help out by linking to Ted Leonsis at threadwatch, and Ted Leonsis at Johnon, and Ted Leonsis at He’s a great example of why folks should be proactive about rep management for their own names.

Other sites:
Teddie at scoreboard
Ted at squidoo
Ted Leonsis – via AOL
Ted Leonsis – via AOL corporate
Ted Leonsis – via washington capitals
Ted Leonsis – via wikipedia
Ted Leonsis – via Washingtonpost
Ted Leonsis – via Imedia
Ted Leonsis – via Edge
Ted Leonsis – via Technorati
Ted Leonsis – Richard – playing for blackbear soccer united.

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  • Jeremy Luebke

    Boy this Ted sure is a popular guy ;)

  • Peter

    LoL, who said SEOs don’t have a sense of humor. ;)

  • Andy Beal

    That’s funny and wrong at the same time. ;-)

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    I agree Andy – even though I should know better – I couldn’t resist egging it on.

  • xensen

    I’m glad that you’re helping Mr. Leonsis out with some positive links. I was wondering why everyone has been blogging about Ted Leonsis, so I’m glad to hear that it’s not because people have anything against him. I think it’s important not to descend to the level of name-calling that may have started him on his SEO quest in the first place.

  • Brian Mark

    Hey… that’s brilliant. I need to start this, since some gay porn actor used my name and some of his pages still rank in Google. I wouldn’t have been bugged so much if I it wasn’t for some people in Chicago (where he’s from) asking me at SES Chicago if that’s me. Uhm… no. Different guy.

  • PA Scott

    Love it.

  • Caydel

    Brian Mark: That is funny. Perhaps you should place $500 on getting your name back :P

    At any rate, if you tell me you are not the gay actor, I promise I’ll believe you, whatever the truth may be :P

    BTW, I am blogging the Ted Leonsis contest too… This will be an excellent practical exercise in why reputation management is important!

  • TagMan

    Thanks for the link supporting Blackbear United Football Club. I’ve linked back from my original post and from a Squidoo lens.

    I suppose I’m in the unique position of having worked at AOL in the past and now work in the SEM industry. Perhaps that alters my view, but I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Ted’s a good guy. How many other C-level types would roll their sleeves up and even attempt their own SEO? I think he’s the wrong person the SEO/M community should be going after.

  • Blake P.

    You know Ted masterminded this whole contest. He just wanted to show that he was an expert at Viral Marketing too. :)

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