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Las Vegas Pubcon 2006 Roundup

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 207 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

A week in Vegas with many of my favorite people on the planet always makes for a fantastic time. Great friends, great food, amazing new information, and the most creative thinking you’ll probably ever bear witness to. I’m now in recovery mode – trying to keep the cold at bay with lots of vitamin C packets and rest.


  • Got to hang out with tedster, a maniac from canadia, Neil, Jeff, Trose, ThomasB, Rae, Champagne Jimmy, Brad, Dan, Greg, Brian, Greg, Michael (whose wife I actually called “Mrs. Graywolf” unintentionally), Rand, Aaron, Giavanna, William, Chris “rebuy” Boggs, Jeremy, Dave, Troy, Lee, Abhilash, Lex, Elisabeth, Vanessa, Michael, John, Rob, Cody, Joe, Dan R., Jill, Bob, Will, Cshel, Roger, Dixon, Marc, Neil, Cameron, T-bo, Andy, Jimbo, JasonD, Donna, Garrett, Chris, Clark, Dustin, Tony, Andrew (who I never did catch up with for a decent conversation – my bad dude). and a ton of other great people that I know I should be calling out as well, but will likely catch hell when I don’t. I know there are lots of others that I had some interesting and fun conversations with – but it would have taken me ALL day to make sure everyone was checked off the list. Thanks to everyone who is listed – and to those who aren’t who know we had a nice chat.
  • Met a few mods that I hadn’t met including Todd aka coopster (who had the foresight to stock some wine since the Ren bar closed at 1:00), Dean aka trillianjedi, and Caine aka caine. I also got to hang out with a lot of those that I knew, and always have a good time with.

  • The creativity displayed by Chris Hooley – bringing airline bottles to win the “pubcon drinking game”, and the foresight to register “” – I was baited mid-day – impressive. He also runs a record company
  • Met Ben Wills – a very sharp guy who won Andy’s SEO scholarship contest with a submission about the 5 pillars of social media marketing
  • Meeting Marshall, Brant, Eric, and several other folks who have been doing this for years, but are much less shameless than I – this is always a highlight for me – there are LOTS of very sharp people in this industry who don’t spend time on forums and posting to blogs.
  • Doing some video interviews where I look like a giant tool – as well as a Video on social media on Webpronews courtesy of Mike McDonald (great job on the production!). Thanks to Rand and Lee for helping make me look good.
  • Cracking a joke/ story during my presentation that actually got laughs (that I forgot to credit Seth Godin for)
  • Hearing Nate say he was really glad I helped to convince him come to pubcon – it’s great to see newer people excited about the industry that we all love.
  • Watching “O” and having one of the best dinners of my life with a great group of people who generally prefer to stay off the radar and just make money – Thanks Jay.
  • Having a brief chat about O and other shows with Adam Lasnik near the end of pubcon – who seems to be a very well cultured and interesting chap.
  • Meeting some of the newest SEOmozzer’s – Jane and Jeff – Seattle must be a magnet for cool people like SF and NYC. Is SEOMoz really a company or just a social club?
  • Hearing Guy Kawasaki do a public speaking link request – You got it buddy – very entertaining keynote – and it’s good to see a keynote speaker admit “it’s all about the links”.
  • Having a ton of people thank me for writing this site, and letting me know it was useful – it makes the time spent definitely worth while.


  • My phone crashed and formatted itself on day two – grrr…no contacts or phone numbers
  • A friend having a legit site de-indexed during the show (there *is* a reason for tinfoil hats sometimes even as a very light shade of gray hat)
  • Forgetting to give Adam credit for my Steven Colbert slide (damn – there’s your link man)
  • Missing a chance to catch Graywolf debate with Matt (and talking to Matt for more than 30 seconds in general for that matter) – Hope I get a chance to catch up with you without an entourage for a few minutes in Chicago man.
  • Not getting as much time to spend with a lot of people that I would have liked to.
  • Not meeting YOU if you’re reading this (especially if you were there – introduce yourself next time!) – If you weren’t there – you definitely won’t regret attending.

There were certainly some good sessions – and I’m always bummed to miss them (thank God for the CD that is out) – but to me it’s all about meeting the great people that I see online constantly. Thanks to everyone who made the show a fantastic time – especially Brett Tabke – for creating such an amazing community of people in a single place. There’s some great coverage of the sessions by Graywolf, SERoundtable, Webpronews, Lee, and several others if you search around.

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  • Chris Winfield

    Todd – great seeing you again! it was a really good week as always…

  • Chris Hooley


    It was great to finally meet you. Your blog rocks AND you’re a damn cool cat! The DrinkBait thing was a blast, I can’t wait to come up with another stunt like that.

    PS- that aint MY record company!

  • shandyking

    Hey Todd, it was great seeing you. Perhaps we will chat for more then 5 min at the next event. BTW, thanks for the link!

  • Brian

    Great hang Todd – glad we finally got to talk shop over a meal or two. Look forward to doing it again soon…
    Kudos on the presentation BT- it was great to see you throw caution to the wind and work some stand up comedy into the routine :-)

  • Joe

    hey Todd – great to meet you mate, awesome roundup above makes me wish I was back in Vegas (sans hangover)!

  • Sujan Patel

    Hey Todd, It was great meeting you and having a meal together while talking. Pubcon was my first confrence but I look forward to seeing you at SES.

  • Andrew

    Hey man, nice seeing you too. We’ll make sure to get some good bar time at the next conference.

  • Igor M.

    Todd … thanks for doing the quick marketing tip video for my blog. I’ve gotten quite a few positive responses on that.

  • Matt Cutts

    Sorry I missed you for more than 30 seconds, Todd. It would have been good to compare notes. I’m not hitting Chicago (in December?!?), but if you see Vanessa, tell her howdy for me. :)

  • Tony Adam

    Todd…thanks for the great session, and great conversation at Pubcon! I’ll look forward to seeing you at the next conference!!

  • Adam Lasnik

    Heya, Todd, it was a pleasure catching you for a bit in the pub. Unlike Matt, I’m insane and braving Chicago in the winter, so perhaps I’ll see you there.

  • Jason

    Todd, It was a pleasure (at last) to meet you in person. You are the salt of the earth kind of guy and it truly was a joy to shake your hand.

    I look forward to next time :)


  • shor


    Really missing out on the uber-networking opportunities!
    Anyone want to hire an Aussie? :)