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Stuntdubl Redesign – comments are back!

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I’ve been lucky enough to work with Mike P. for a quite a while now – and he’s put together a great redesign for me (okay maybe I’m biased – but I think it looks much cooler). The really good news is that he figured out how I borked my comments again – and they are back in action now. My sincere apologies to anyone who wrote a comment that didn’t work – it woulda pissed me off too – as well as thanks to several people who wrote to let me know. Let me know what ya think of the new design – if you don’t see it – you may need to choose the “stuntdubl lights” from dropdown “style switcher” and refresh.

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  • DazzlinDonna

    Oh yeah, definitely a cool new look. I don’t see a style switcher anywhere, but I do see the new look anyway. Cool design, and a bit easier on the eyes too – i.e. not as difficult to read. Good job.

  • David Temple

    Nice cleaner look and much easier to read!

  • Bruno

    A lot better and easier to follow then previous version :). Maybe just couple more color other then black :)

  • Jeremy Luebke

    Good deal.

    Like the design, but might I suggest a little red in the logo where the little guy smashed his head into the windshield ;)

  • webprofessor

    Congrats Todd ! Am I the first to post a shiny new comment ?! We’ll soon see right after this submit button…


  • webprofessor

    boo! I placed 4th :(

  • Justilien

    Much easier to read! I agree with Jeremy Luebke…add a little color to the logo for accent points.

    Glad to see you got the comments fixed ;)

  • Cary

    Really nice new design, and it loads up blazing fast… looks like you took your own deadly sins seriously, eh? ;)

  • Karl Ribas

    Love the new design Todd. It’s very clean and less cluttered. It totally rocks man!

  • Ian

    Nice theme!

  • Barry Schwartz

    Sweet design Todd!

  • Bill

    Looks great.

    It’s definitely easier to read. Nice going.

  • Dave Dugdale

    I like it better – it is not as dark and easier to read.

  • Dean

    Nice design Todd! Sooo much better. Congrats

  • Ahmed Bilal

    Nice redesign

  • webconnoisseur

    I like the look, but will admit that I’ll miss the old design. Your site always stood out to me because you used the color brown. Since few other sites used brown, it kind of gave you a unique brand. No worries, though – your site is the only one I visit that has a vehicular homicide logo.

  • Mr SEO

    Funny, I just went through a re-design as well. Nice look. I love to comment. So, this is sweet.

  • skore

    Looks great Todd – nice improvement!

  • Loren Baker

    Very nice.. excellent, optimal and keeps the Stuntdubl feel :)

  • Sean

    It’s all about rounded corners and drop shadows! Good looking out on the graffiti font.

  • Matt

    I probably never told you how much I disliked the old brown look, dude. Some pal I am! In any case, two big thumbs up now. So much easier on the eyes (and brain)!

  • Avril Flowers

    I like the new colour scheme – always meant to say something about the old one. Twas very hard to read.
    The ne comment layout is very innovative, too. I like it :)

  • Marshall Clark

    Love the design, but I can’t believe I actually miss the brown. Might benefit from some color to warm it up. My $.02

  • caveman

    Hey Todd, very, very nice.

  • Jestep

    Overall the site looks great. The comments layout is great. Very unique and functional. Definitely stands out more than any other change to me.

  • kid disco

    Dang… everybody is redesigning!

    This looks pimp!

  • Sophie

    Looks great!

  • Nadir

    I love the header!

  • werty

    This looks great Todd. The comments are way easy to find, it is easy to read. You allocated all of your link love to one page vs sitewide (noted).

    If you are using WP how the hell did you get it so the comments and pingbacks are not no-follow links?

  • Rumbas

    Hey, this is nice. I like it much better than the old one – which I really didn’t care much for ;)

    Cudos to Todd and Mike P!

  • Jim Westergren


    Much easier to read and very nice and clean. A+!

  • Jim Westergren

    Actually I recommend you to use this plugin. It kills ALL non-human comment spam.

  • Mike

    Liking the new work, sir! It looks much cleaner and fresher. I go along with what webconnoisseur said about the fact so few sites use brown but the new look rocks!

  • scoreboard

    Waaaay cooler design. The old one broke my left eye.

  • Mike Papageorge

    It’s great to see such positive feedback on this. I have to hand it to Todd, he knew what he wanted, and I could definitely tell when I was getting warmer to his ideas with each successive comp ;)

  • Brett

    Love the new design!

  • Jeff

    Very interesting to see that Sifr is in the background. Kudos! I like the prominent “commments” icon and the “top posts” at the top. Nice bit of shading.

  • Edu (Presell) Page Man

    Hey Todd,

    I knew I woudl miss this when hanging out in Vegas all week :-) great new look…


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