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Mr. Ploppy’s Mondy Morning SEO Quarterback

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 244 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

There are so many SEO mistakes out in there in the WWW, that I figured it was worthwhile to showcase some of them to help people improve. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while when I come accross very BAD mistakes on large company websites, but until now haven’t really had the stones to do it. So after this, I bring you the first edition of Mr. Ploppy’s return as a Monday morning SEO Quarterback. If you’re upset that someone is hating on your website – please blame Mr. Ploppy, and not me:)

I will be picking large sites fairly randomly, and offering 2 – 5 suggestions for improvement, because some sites are just SO fubar, that frankly, they probably haven’t yet HEARD the term SEO. It’ll also give a chance to demonstrate some SEO fundamentals (mainly easy ones) that sites should generally always have in place. Hopefully the free advice will be worthwhile enough that the owners won’t get too pissed off at me. This is also my attempt to prove that if SEO is really SO easy – why isn’t everyone DOING it? Just because a company/site is BIG, doesn’t mean it DESERVES to be in the top rankings. Even the big guys should have to prove they know what their doing – it IS kinda simple stuff. Sometimes it’s easy to identify the mistakes, but not always so easy to remedy them.

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  • tobto

    thats funny even Big Guys Sites have grammatical mistakes and don’t validate.
    what for? for an user? for se’s? simply matter of taste?

  • Janeth

    It seems the big guys make more mistakes than anyone else.

  • Kris Kemp

    Ha ha ha. This is a point that needs to be made … why should sites that can pay to get a high SEO be immune from constructive criticism. Thank you.

    Kris Kemp

  • Milupa

    I think that your constructive criticism is a fantastic idea- and see no reason for anyone to get upset, infact i’m sure they will apreciate it! I would love for you to give my site a once over for any helpful seo suggestions..

  • iMarketingGuru (SEM Wiki)

    I always get a kick out of how little work is done on the big guys’ sites. There should be some form of content optimization, interesting content must be added and other good things must be associated with their sites. As I once said, it’s highly unlikely that people who especially buy well-known domain names and sites really know how to built out their sites and monetize on their traffic.

  • MarWeb

    I agree, they should be allowed to have their mistakes pointed out.

  • SportsFan

    I think many of the larger company websites may not allocate a large amount of their budget to SEO. They spend their money on other types of traditional marketing, such as print advertising. As this changes maybe we will see a larger web presence on page one of Google search index for the “big guys.” In the meantime, the average joe SEO expert can build a website that can beat alot of the big guys in rankings.
    I think the future for big business is to rethink how their marketing dollars are spent. In other words…the CEO should be MORE involved in the SEO instead of just leaving it on auto-pilot.
    I think Mr. Ploppy has the right to offer constructive criticism to anyone, as long as it is done with a professional attitude.

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