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You Wear a Suit to Work, but Let Your Nephew Design Your Website?

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 248 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

The title pretty much sums this one up. I’m not gonna go off on this one here, I just thought it was an interesting parallel after getting off a site that was for a large product manufacturer, had two guys with nice suits on one of the most hideous homepages I had ever seen. I still just don’t get why people want to cheap out on webdesign. I don’t have the ambition to extoll the virtues of proper design to the uninitiated anymore, but it still kinda bugs me on occassion. If you can spend several hundred dollars on a nice suit, you understand why it’s important to make an impression. Why is that so difficult to translate to the web? Any body else got some favorite examples of sites that need a redesign with people wearing suits?

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  • Gary M

    I find it funny with web design people or for that matter with any one who provides a service. The first thing they say is “You get what you pay for” What the hell is that supposed to mean. I am a marketing manager for a large fortune 200 company and every day I deal with the web BS. Web providers who what to charge an arm and a leg for services rendered. With every web designer and service provider they always make me jump through rings just to get something done or God forbid changed. I mean come on already WTF you guys are not that special. The same advancement in technology that has allowed you to have a career. Is now finally letting us as managers take control of how and what we publish. How many of you guys say “Oh yea I can do video work” but have no clue of what you are doing. How do you think the video guys feel? You go in on a bid and under bid a professional now he loses work. Just because you have premiere and a DV camera you think you can be a video producer. It is technology at work. It happened with music back in the 80s with midi and it as happened again with mp3 music. People actually think that is good quality music. That is also technology at work. So please get off your high horse you bunch of hypocrites and understand my nephew can do a better job then you because technology lets him. The same technology now lets me manage the sites that way they need to be managed with marketing, creativity and with no BS from the web master. OMFG give me a break.

  • Dmitri

    Well, I couldn’t afford a North American company to do my web design. Not only that, they were promising a lot,but had nothing to show for the money they were asking. I knew it’s extremely important to have a good one,to succeed. I instead, hired a company from one of those ‘3’d world” countries.

  • Innovign

    I was one of those “nephews” that designed a website for my uncle when I got started years ago haha, but I actually did a great job and completely get what you’re saying.

    I think the problem is people don’t understand what it really takes to make a good site. As a professional site developer now, I hear clients tell me they would “do it themselves, but they don’t have time” or “can’t you just change the colors really quick in paint or something?”