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The Business Case for Federated Search by Lesley D’Almeida, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 262 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Todd’s commentary: Lesley made a good case for the need for federated search to add value within the premium content community. From what I gathered CSA has provided some unique solutions for publishers to aggregate their content.

Lesley D’Almeida, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Product Manager

CSA enables researches to be more effective by expanding and expediting discovery, aiding the management and organization of quality information relevant to their search … (unfinished)

200 million searches are done on CSA

History of CSA – registered in 1994 – among the first 5,000 sites on the web.

Many providers are skeptical, suspicious, and scared of the search medium.

Vision: CSA workst to create information services that take full advantage of technology that will aid researchers in their quest for discovery.

· Leverage our platform
· Increased customer requests for federated search capability · Increase usage
· Satisfy customers

Where are we today?
Firm believers I the technology
2006 CODie Award for Best solution integrating content into an application for the Multisearch product.

Sales redevelopment was a big challenge – the shift from print to electronic
Biggest challenge was “internal clients” from VP’s on down.

The level of technical support was underrated. The sales cycle was much longer and more involved.

Questions: How has the revenue for you content changed by making everyone else’s content available through your medium?

A: There has been very minimal impact on content revenues. The main purpose of federated search was to leverage the platform.

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