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Andy Hagans is a Master Link Baiter

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 271 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

I rarely do promotional posts unless I really believe in a product, and the person behind it. Andy has beat me to providing a linkbaiting service that I think will hold an enormous amount of value for subscribers. The service consists of writing an article that has a very high likelihood of going viral, and giving it the gentle nudge it needs for success in the social network arenas. Mr. Hagans has explained his service to me, and it is a great mix between public relations, viral marketing, and search optimization. All totaled – it looks like a pretty awesome service – and I’m sure if it wasn’t, Andy wouldn’t put his name on it. I don’t think he’s officially launched yet (though he gave me the okay to post this), so get in before the demand and price rises.
From Andy’s site:

  • Quality organic links from blogs and other Web sites that will help organic SEO efforts (and yes, link baiting has been approved by search engine representatives as a “white hat” tactic)
  • Brand exposure on social bookmarking and tagging sites, which can lead to mindshare overnight
  • A large amount of traffic (thousands to tens of thousands of unique visitors)
  • A feature piece of content on your Web site that will receive bookmarks, citations and links over time, and which will further entrench your Web site as unique and valuable to the community and Web as a whole.

This is probably a great place to mention Rand’s linkbaiting service as well – which is geared more towards application development that is likely to go viral. I really can’t picture Rand offering a poor service either.

Great stuff guys.

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  • Dave Dugdale

    I enjoyed Andy’s SES session he did on the subject.

    But I find it funny in the middle of his Power Point Slide show he says “Most link bait flops – this is normal”.

    It is good to see that he doesn’t guarantee the service.

  • Andy H

    > “Most link bait flops – this is normal”

    Some people are better link baiters then others :-)

  • Dave Dugdale

    I am building my first link bait tool right now. The tool is taking some time to make.

    While I am making it I can’t seem to get Andy’s quote out of my head that most link bait flows.

    I hope I get lucky and knock it out of the park on the first try.

    But I do appreciate Andy’s honesty that it might not work so I won’t be disappointed.

  • nuevojefe

    “But I do appreciate Andy’s honesty that it might not work so I won’t be disappointed.”

    Yea you will ;-) J/K, good luck!

    Good luck with your service too Andy. Hope you can get some of your successes ok’d by clients to feature in a portfolio of sorts.

  • Andy H

    > Hope you can get some of your successes ok’d by clients to feature in a portfolio of sorts

    Yes, I am showing a few examples on the site now, and hope to add a few later… although I don’t really like asking clients to use their campaign as an example to “sell”…

  • Rebecca

    Great title, Stunddubl :P As a fan of horrible puns, this one is not too shabby!

  • Ammon

    Yup, that title made me howl! I could see the invisible brackets – Andy Hagan: Master (Link) Baiter right away. Too funny and quite the cunning stunt. :)

  • Stuntdubl SEO

    Some bait does fail unfortunately – that’s just the nature of the game. Andy’s got the odds in the deck stacked pretty nicely though.

    I really couldn’t resist – I hate to get on my high horse, but I can be a rather cunning linguist at times :)

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  • Ammon

    I’m pretty sure that being a cunning linguist on a horse is illegal in most states. :p Maybe not Texas…

  • SAM

    Link bait = Valuable content. Come on people it is not all about the “algos” heck there might be a person or so actually reading the content.

  • Chris


    Now andy will be the “pioneer” of the link baiting service…

    copy cats soon to follow…

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