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SEORockstars – Tuesday at 7:00 EST – Suggestions?

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 308 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Got a message from Mr. Oilman late last week asking if I’d like to do part of SEORockstars with him. I asked what the topic would be (already knowing the answer) – so I have a few ideas I’m bouncing around, and would be happy to touch on near any questions anybody out there has, so feel free to post any suggestions.

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    I kind of forget about Rockstars because it’s focus was too much about Jamin’ and Spamin’, if you could help bring to show back in line it would be great Todd.

    I am interested in things that have lasting results in search engines now, talking about spamming is like being part of a lame circle jerk.

  • Hawaii SEO

    How do you go about purchasing an old website?

    How do you find good ones that might be willing to sell? What are some of the clues to look for that would help indicate a person might be willing to sell? How do you negotiate the sale? How do you determine the value? Any other tips for the transfer of ownership, etc?


  • graywolf

    What are three tips you don’t think enough SEO’s are paying attention to or doing. What are three things SEO’s should stop doing because it’s not helping.

  • Joseph Hunkins

    Duplicate Content fixes….I think a LOT of ranking problems are from the Google dupe filtering and it’s hitting a lot of sites out of the blue.

  • Metapilot

    You just started using a domain picked up at auction and there are a hundred and fifty or so links pointing to it from the spammy sites the previous domain owner used to hang with–and those inbound links have nothing to do with the topic of the current site. What is the best thing to do with those inbound links? Ignore them until they go away? Redirect them to an unfriendly? Redirect them to a friendly? Create another site on topic of the links and make use of them myself? Or elsewise?