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Peek Into Google Algo Part II – I Was Way Wrong

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 293 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

My first post on the Google cache error was pretty much a quick rundown of what I thought was possible that the error message revealed about the Google algo. Well, after reviewing the error further, I was pretty much completely wrong. It sounded like some pretty good guesses, and I stand by the fact that most of those things probably ARE in the algo somewhere, but my interpretation of the error was dead wrong.

The most glaring error that I overlooked in my excitement, was that it was served up on a cached page, thus was most likely query level server response (thanks to Detlev’s analysis)

Detlev’s explanation of the error is by far the best I’ve seen, and I would guess that he has came closest to correct of what the error actually meant. Another pretty good guestimation of the errors is available from Teh Xiggeh.

Added: Wesley Tanaka has a nice writeup as well.

There have been some other discussions and explanations of the error as well, but since Detlev is probably one of the most proficient SEO’s I’ve ever met. (an OG SEO, that has been watching algorithms since before SEO was called SEO), and the explanation seems simplest and most logical (see Occam’s Razor)

Other discussions on the “google cache error”

Please feel free to link drop any other discussions that you’ve seen on the topic.

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  • Wesley Tanaka

    vec4 much more likely means “4 dimensional vector” than PR 4.

    You might be interested in

  • Shimon Sandler

    Hey Todd, it appears like you spent a lot of time and energy on that analysis. It certainly was exciting to think we actually got a glimpse of the algo.

  • Cristian Mezei

    Hey dude. Someone posted some technical non-sense on my blog too.



    Well, nice try, if we keep trying then we will succeed eventually. keep up the good work.

  • Detlev Johnson

    Hi everyone, (and thanks to Todd),

    The prvec4 looks like a PageRank Vector directive and I mention “possibly normalizing at PR4.” Wesley is probably correct in saying the number 4 has more to do with Vector dimension 4. Coming from Google, and having “pr” in the response, still says to me: PageRank.

    I don’t want to go as far as to say “link analysis,” but that could be one use of this bit.