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MSO (MySpace Optimization) – The New SEO

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 335 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Okay, so now that Myspace is the #1 site in the world, I think it’s finally time to embrace the space with a full marketer’s mentality. Despite the Myspace’s title being disputed, it’s hard to argue that there is an incredibly large market with a whole lot of potential. I haven’t dove in wholeheartedly yet, but from my very unscientific experiments on myspace at school there is an extremely high level of loyalty with myspace. My favorite stat is that myspace has 40 pageviews per visitors ON AVERAGE. That was a pretty amazing number to me.

While on vacation, I’ve seen two seperate instances of television ads that used Myspace URLs. I thought this kind of odd at first, but with increasing difficulty to both purchase (and then rank) new domains, it makes pretty good sense. Both the movie “John Tucker Must Die” and the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia advertise Myspace Urls. This is in addition to thousands of groups dedicated to virally marketing and promoting various different topics, including one of my favorites, Entourage, which attempted a viral campaign via Myspace.

Benefits of My Space Optimization

Quicker Search Engine Rankings
“It’s Always Sunny” didn’t fair so well in the rankings, but “John Tucker” gets a #2 ranking for the phrase on Google with the intended myspace page.

No need for domain or hosting

Immediate audience with massive distribution

Drawbacks of My Space Optimization

No control over web host or downtime

Rather slow servers due to large volumes of traffic

No ownership of content
No ability to 301 traffic or content if it needs to move. If links are built, they can’t be redirected to appropriate areas.

Little way to track statistics and visitors (that I’m aware)

Search rankings are nice, but I really prefer converting traffic. The TRAFFIC is definitely there, now we just need to hope that myspace users start looking for more than friends and dates, and searching for more high dollar items that can be monetized (especially if they implement their own search technology after their search function contract expires). There’s definitely a ton of potential with Myspace, it’s only a matter of getting creative to harness some of the enormous viral marketing opportunities.

MySpace Optimization Resources

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  • Daniel R


    Good post, very creative stuff.

    Are you going to be stopping by for SES San Jose?

    But as for the high pageviews, I think those stats are very misleading. If you notice carefully, MySpace is ridiculously difficult to navigate, it takes 5-6 clicks just to change a simple item on my profile (and that’s if MySpace suddent doesnt log-out on me).

    See the article below:

  • Mr SEO

    That is why I am on your Myspace friends section.

  • Blazin

    yes i just purchased a decent domain for myspace, now can you tell me how to market it, its hiphopmusic ok let me know thanks

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  • John Andrews

    Hey Todd, have you identified any good MySpace optimizers yet? Any MySpace sits that stand out (beyond the obvious Dolce one)??

    Is MySpace really an “opportunity” or just the buzz?

  • Jason Bailey

    Thanks Todd,
    I’m just getting into making things happen on mySpace as well. It’s hard to ignore such a huge market. Thanks for all of the resource links, that’ll keep me off the streets for a few hours…

    I did a little experiement last week to see the results of a simple buliten post to get a quick sense of the ease and earning potential on mySpace.
    I posted the results on Lee Dodd’s New ‘Earners Forum’.
    Everyone can have a look see if they wish:

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  • Rich Marcia


    Are we going to do the Yahoo! Fantasy Football SEO League again this year?


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  • Jon Payne

    Todd – have you or anyone you know of tried a third-party cookie based tracking solution for tracking traffic on MySpace? I would think that would work. You can insert HTML and CSS to customize your MySpace page apperance in some of the sections of the page. I also know you can do an image call from another site. That all makes me think you could use a third party cookie-based tracking provider.

    I’d try it right now but their servers are down this morning. I would guess the best you could get though would be things like referring domains, total visitors, page views, etc. On MySpace I’d guess the majority of most peoples traffic is indeed coming from other pages on MySpace. Given their dynamic URLs and your ability to only modify your own page, I think it would be tough to identify if a few profiles within MySpace lead to most of your traffic, etc. Should work nicely though for differentiating direct traffic and also SE-referred traffic.


    My space has taken a big market share now and is now one of the Top 10 most visited webites on the internet.

    Their market is teens from 9 to 25 and upwards, and they spend a lot of time on the internet and their market share will keep on increasing.

    My hats off to my space.

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  • Bill

    Great stuff as always. Care to comment about the promotion bots out there that will promote myspace sites automatically? Like Adderrobot and a few others? And what’s with these “trains”?

  • web

    Sort of like advertising during the Super Bowl.

    They network controls the venue, but in return delivers massive eyeballs.

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  • Nick Jag

    Todd, have a look at my blog, it’s entirely devoted to marketing on myspace, facebook, and youtube!

    Getting featured is obviously one of the most popular topics along with seo for your profile. Find it all here:

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  • Richard McDuff

    This is an excellent article. I have only been involved in Social Networking for a few months, and it takes a lot of hard work. I have been especially involved with Myspace and I am having a great time over there. If you look at Myspace in a global context, it still has so far to grow. I am talking to some guy in france, someone in the UK and australia before I have finished my morning coffee Thanks for the great article.