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A Proud Day – No More “Did You Mean”

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 14 years and 339 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Being my blog alter-ego is a misspelling, I’ve always gotten “Did you mean stuntdouble?” when doing a query for stuntdubl. Today was the first day that I noticed there was no more “did you mean”. I’m curious if it is due to search query volume or perhaps indexed pages, or a combination ratio of the two.

I’ve heard Greg mention this before as well, as he gets suggested if you misspell his name.

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  • Gareth Brown

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I am still getting ‘Did you mean’ over here in the UK – even with your query above.

    Still, it must have been nice to feel important for a little while :)

  • Erik Dafforn

    Congrats, Todd – funny, we came out of the EXACT same situation last week too –

  • Hawaii SEO

    Congratulations ToddCongratulations Todd!

    Soon, people searching for a stunt double will get the “Did you mean: stuntdubl” ;^)


  • Tom Anthony

    Thats an achievement! But how long until you enter “stuntdouble” and it says “Did you mean stuntdubl?”? ;)

  • Thomas

    That’s got to be like a search engine milestone. Congratulations!

  • Jim

    I’d have to say that google must just see the word “stuntdubl” on more pages, and have more links with that phrase out there as well that untripped the misspelling. I’d say that means that “Stuntdubl” is now famous in the eyes of Google – Great Job!

  • abhilash

    Sweet. I wonder what it took.

    For some reason I still get, “Did you mean One Way Frequent Flier??

  • avi

    hey todd, long time no speak. interesting enough, same thing happened to me last week. for the first time, a query for my company name no longer triggers the “did you mean” option. i am also cuirious how that feature works. hope to see you in san jose.

  • Tammy Ames

    That means you are finally relevant in the eyes of Google ~ the next step is to be inducted into the Modern English Dictionary as a verb and you are all set!


  • Webwork

    I just queried Stunt Double and it came back “Do you mean Todd Malicoat”. Impressive. Most impressive. Now, when it comes back “Do you mean handsome, talented young SEO rockstart stud for hire” then you can take the day off. Until then . . it’s back to work for you fella. :-P


    well as long as you are back it is good, Google and other search engines are giving localized results now so we could see something else for the same search query.

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