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Top 5 Reasons Blogs Suck for SEO

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 14 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

1. Three letters – ROI

  • Every time I click on a blog result it takes me to the homepage, which stays in cache and becomes duplicate content.
  • If a blogger serves content selectively it is “cloaking”
  • Most people that talk like there are a lot of people listening are kind of as*holes.
    5. Most blog searches aren’t efficient enough to fight spam effectively and scale.

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    • graywolf

      Re #2 well the clever folk who use wordpress use the [more] break to put just enough content on their homepage to act as a hook , but keep the real stuff only on the full page. They also have some idea as to the spidering timeframe add in a safety factor and publsih 30 post on their homepage.

    • site admin

      You’re absolutely right. I’ve been trying to come up with some type of blog spidering strategy, but I always get about half way through and get lazy due to #1 ;)

      Really impressed with your new design for leading around those with silicon-based intelligence by the way. It’s really tough to show the content in only ONE good place on wordpress (especially being a code hack like me)

      I’m just frustrated because I procrastinate so much on doin’ stuntdubl 2.3. Probably about time to start writing up a spec, rather than tryin’ to kill the site further myself.

    • graywolf

      Thanks about the redesign, despite it’s simplicity it took a really really long time to get there.

      You know you should also change your nickname in the userpanel to ‘stuntdubl’ or ‘todd malicoat’ instead of admin then put this (or any other url) you wanted to rank for there, might as well use that internal anchor text for something. Clearly you’re not wasting any where near as much time in wordpress as I am ;-)

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    • Stuntdubl SEO

      Good call GW. I try to go back and revisit stuff like this on occassion, and it’s about time to do some “summer cleaning”.

    • Trisha

      I keep lots of posts on the main page too, but do you really think SE’s will see blog entries as duplicate content? My impression was that SE’s like Google like blogs so much and know the structure of blogs and the difference between them and real duplicate content.

    • Lyndon

      I understand the duplication thing with WordPress, and see that on the face of it, it could be an issue.
      But two points.
      I see blogs not using the ‘more’ tag ranking as high as the ones who do, I havn’t yet found evidence of a blog ranking less because it is not using the ‘more’ tag, but in theory it should be. It may be that someone out there has done analysis on this issue, but I have not seen it.

      Point two
      Obviously Google knows that WordPress throws up dupe content and so it would be in its’ interest to ignore it, possibly within the wordpress folder, or at least treats it different to dupe content being outside of the WordPress setup. Would it be in Googles’ interests to penalise data because of an idiosynchrasy in a CMS, especially when the web footprint of the CMS is relatively huge.

      I dunno, I use the ‘more’ tag on some and not on other WordPress blogs and have not noticed a difference, but I have no empirical data to offer so am willing to be corrected.