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Some of My Favorite Advertising

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 22 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Volkswagon’s new commercials
But hey, what’s the logic behind not having ALL the new commercials online in case people like me who are begging for you to market to me to link to you and give you some credit for a good job?

Macs’ new commercials.
I really can’t rip any mac advertising. Their brand creates awe-inspiring cult like loyalty. The awesome computer review journal weekly…priceless. – Sprite
When you get to the site, it’s kinda creepy anyhow, but the campaign still has potential with me. Don’t blink and you’ll see an mouth eyeball drinking:) – goes to bikers and babes – nothin’ like a lil’ typo tv traffic – goes to a 100% flash page.

Problem: It took me 5 minutes to find the site after seeing the commercial. Either I’m slow, it or would help to do some PPC or get the site better indexed.

Solution: Link it off your homepage. It shouldn’t take a very big link, it’s a fairly large brand, and reprocussions are small.

Some of my least favorite advertising:

Being spammed by a plane at a beach.
NYC Times Square bombardment advertising.
Highway billboard ads.
Retina advertising in minority report.

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  • Hawaii SEO

    I agree about the outdoor advertising. In Hawaii we have an organization called the Outdoor Circle that acts like an outdoor advertising watch dog. We have no billboards or planes or boats with advertising. Signage is kept to a minimum and sign permits are hard to get. Many trees are declared as exceptional and protected to the point where it’s illegal to cut them down even to improve the flow of traffic or expand businesses.

  • Marc P

    Hey, where I live, I can’t even cut down a tree to store my boat in the driveway.

    All joking aside, my favorite advertiser in the world is probably the golden palace.

    Their PR stunts never cease to inspire me, and my clients ;-)