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It’s Time to Get to Know Web 2.0

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 78 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

If you’ve been lollygagging around like me, not reading up on all the new up and comers, Rand and Kat of SEOMoz have just saved you a helluva lotta time through the creation of their web 2.0 awards. Not only did they roundup 300 websites in 38 different categories, they also interviewed with the founders of 22 of the winning sites. This is a pretty amazing piece of research, that has obviously taken a lot of time and dedication to put together. Do yourself a favor, and soak up all the knowledge they’ve collected with the Web 2.0 Awards.

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  • Erik

    Thanks Todd; I hadn’t seen this. Always thinking ahead, Rand is just a subdomain away from the web3.0 awards…

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the info. Now I’ll be signing up for all sorts of new web 2.0 sites. :D

  • IrishWonder

    That’s certainly some food for thought… more interaction ideas ahead ;-)

  • Joe Banner

    That was link bait, this is a real list

  • wheel

    Fantabulous. Not just the linkbait, but what an absolutely oustanding example of web design and useability. That entire page not only looks 110%, it’s very readable and sticky. I know those folks are SEO pros, that page shows they’re top of the heap web designers as well.