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Top 10 Reasons it’s Great to Be a SEO

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 82 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

10. You can say you know Aaron Wall and Rand.

  • Because most people will never “get it” and that’s a good thing.
  • Everybody’s an expert because even the most experienced have only done it about 10 years.
  • You get to read Matt’s “seo blog”
  • You’ve experienced a “google dance”
    5. Top 10 listings
  • You travel on a national or world tour “for work”.
  • This is not a bubble.
  • Everyone loves web 2.0 and it’s impossible to not make money with even a little SEO knowledge

    1. It’s fun to be the hero!

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    • Rae

      LMAO on the world tour. No shit right? I’m leaving next week to hit Vegas for three days, San Diego for four, then about ten days later I’m off to Boston for four days, then Toronto for two days and then there is something I’m speaking at in May (swear to goodness I can’t even think of what it is off the top of my head). I’m just glad I’m on hiatus for a few months after that. I’m going to get myself a tank top made that says “Sugarrae World Tour 2006″ and list all the damn cities and dates on the back. Heh – I may actually do JUST THAT. ;-)

    • Jason Hendricks

      So true, so true…especially #9. I recently tried training one of my clients to execute a link building campaign on their own, even provided them with an idiot-proof action plan including an example email and a list of every site I wanted them to contact.

      They somehow either managed to screw it up or didn’t execute at all, because it’s now months later and they have the same amount of links as they started with. The good part for me is that they’re now willing to just pay me a lot more to do the link building for them. :)

    • Dan

      You forgot Pubcon. Free drinks are a great reason to be an SEO guy :)

    • Bill

      One more: you forgot to say that you get so say that you know some guy named Stuntdobl who (thank god) never did any stunts while being up in a helicopter flying under the Golden Gate Bridge.

    • Ekky

      Quality, nice one Todd, look forward to catching up in Boston as part of my “world tour”!

    • Adam Sharp

      I have also come to realize #9, that most people will never “get it” (and that it’s actually a good thing).

      It used to frustrate me, but now I’ve just stopped trying to really explain what I do to 98% of people who ask.

      When I used to give a detailed explanation to people, they would usually say “Oh cool, that means I can go to your sites and click on your ads?”.

      They just don’t get it, so I change topics or just don’t even bother explaining now.

    • SEO ROCK

      It is quite difficult to explain what I do for a living, but when i am able to get my point across, the other person is mezmerized and excited. And if his or her business is of the sort that could take advantage of SEO then they are eager to jump on the band wagon.